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Weber wrote: However, with this link we are extending the $500 off for another full day for the HB community, and throwing in a leather tamping mat (the leather will match the color of grinder ordered -- Black w/ black, natural w/ white). This only works with this link, and not available anywhere else.


I hope this helps offset some of the frustration for not being able to post right as we went live.
I am sure the link helped the frustration of some, but finding out now that you posted s secret link on here after I (and a number of others looking at the following pages) had backed your project is a bit insulting. I hope that you can make that hat available to any on home-barista. It's really not cool to the people who helped you fund so quickly (something the campaign is bragging about) to give them less for their money than the people who did participate later. I hope you will fix that.
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Hi, it's been a little while since this started..wanted to check in if there were any additional video's etc. of the grinder? Looking forward to getting mine.

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For those that signed up via Indiegogo, they've sent an update via that channel.
TL;DR - covid has impacted supply chains, still working close to initial production plan, but rather than October it's likely November is when they start shipping the bulk of the initial orders.

Patience isn't usually my strong suit... November (probably December by the time it gets to me) can't come quick enough.

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