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#141: Post by baldheadracing »

I know that I would find dis-assembling, changing, and adjusting the different wipers between Magic Tumbler and the 'Standard' funnel to be too much of a PITA to do with any regularity.
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#142: Post by timdimdom replying to baldheadracing »

yep. history has taught me i'm a lazy one too ;)

excited about the grinder. looking forward to seeing these out in the wild (and my kitchen)


#143: Post by Awwknee »

Super excited about this grinder. I was contribution #263 and had the early bird deal. I ended up cancelling so that I could get the perk with the free leather tamp mat but now the perk is shown as not available when I tried to check out :cry:

So I lost the first day discount and the HB offer.

Anyone have any advice?

I sent an email to Weber at Indiegogo.

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#144: Post by DanielCroft »

This was the secret HB link to get the first day discount pricing but it's over now by the looks: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/key- ... aign=Key#/


#145: Post by AccidentalMuppet »

Argh, spent the better part of the last two weeks convincing my wife to spend 1499 on a grinder only to miss out on this price when she finally relented. Would be impossible to sell her on spending 1659 now considering I could've purchased it at 1499. It's my fault for not being able to convince her sooner. Lesson learned. You snooze, you lose. :cry:


#146: Post by versusqc replying to AccidentalMuppet »

next time, know that you can cancel your pledge at any point before the end of an indiegogo or kickstarter campain...Indiegogo charges you right away, where kickstarter charges you at the end of the campain, but worth pledging only if only to keep the option open


#147: Post by jasiano »

those wanting the standard tumbler, Weber have sent out a link to get it at a discount on IGG now.

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#148: Post by yakster »

Looks like the standard tumbler + funnel add-on has 132 backers so far. I'm surprised at the demand and hope I don't regret just going with the magic tumbler.

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#149: Post by GregoryJ replying to yakster »

You can always pick it up later for $30 extra. Maybe even less if someone else buying it now decides they don't need it :)

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#150: Post by Weber Workshops (original poster) »

Hi guys,

Just peeping in again to post a couple of videos I'm sure many of you would like to see. A quick comparison of noise levels relative to the Niche, both with and without beans. Basically the Niche runs at around 70db dry with the KEY around 55db. With beans, both grinders set to the same level for espresso, the Niche is at 76-78db while the KEY runs at 68-70db. The KEY is down at the lower end of the RPM spectrum where the grind rate is similar. If the KEY is revved up, the noise levels are more on par with the Niche, but it is also grinding much faster.

Just a few more days of crowdfunding left. Thanks to everyone who has helped make this such a success, and there's still a few days left for those still considering. If you don't like the IGG platform, you can also just purchase direct from our site (link at top banner).

Thanks again!
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