HB special on a 210 hour anaerobic fermentation Cup of Excellence - Yellow Bourbon

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It is with a lot of excitement that we introduce you to a very special Cup of Excellence coffee.
This coffee placed 11th in the Cup of Excellence, with a score of 88.17 points. It is a wonderful Yellow Bourbon harvested at over 1,200m. It went through 210 hours (!) of anaerobic fermentation and was then dried in husk (natural process). And I am proud to share that it was produced by my cousin Tuca in Brasil, at our family's farm, Fazenda Santa Alina.

We'd like her work to be known widely, especially in this circle, so we are offering a special treat for HB readers: Use discount code HBNOSSACOE at www.nossacoffee.com for 25% off this coffee. Check out some pictures below and more details on the COE page.
I hope you get to treat yourself to this coffee, and can't wait to hear your thoughts on it.
At home I am preparing this on a Kalita, and playing with a ratio of 14 and 15 to 1. The aroma upon opening the bag is of chocolate covered cherries, and the profile is of a deep natural with notes of red wine, cherries and some dark chocolate.

More details can be found on our website and on the COE page:
https://www.nossacoffee.com/collections ... ellence-11
COE: https://farmdirectory.cupofexcellence.o ... azil-2021/


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Code doesn't seem to be working.

NossaCoffee (original poster)

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Fixed! I had set up the wrong activation date. Sorry about that and thanks for letting us know!

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Team HB

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Thank you. Ordered some along with your Ethiopian just now. Pretty good deal knowing your quality and roasting ability.
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Thanks for the discount on the CoE! Sadly, the Ethiopian is sold out. :(
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Thanks for the discount and thanks for fixing the glitch! Order placed.

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Ethiopian! We are dialing in a new lot we just got. Here is a note from our roaster on our internal coffee update channel:
Posted by Roaster Kyle Brewer on Slack at 12:57 PM

Good afternoon team, we just cupped a few iterations of the new Ethiopia, and they're all BANGERS! leaning towards a faster roast profile, but planning to cup again on Monday, as this coffee tends to open up after a few extra days of rest time. Expect notes of jasmine, honey, black tea, and peach. I imagine one of the 3 profiles I roasted will end up becoming the final product. Expect a launch around mid to late next week