Happy New Year from 1st-line!

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#1: Post by 1st-line »

Hi All,

We would like to wish all HBers a Happy New Year! Thank you for your business.

Jim Piccinich
1st-line Equipment, LLC

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#2: Post by HB »

And thank you for your support of HB! For those who may not have noticed, 2020 marked the 15th year for HB. 1st-line was among the first 50 members to join and has been a sponsor ever since! :D
Dan Kehn


#3: Post by BoulderGeek »

The only two espresso machines I have ever purchased came from 1st-line, starting way back in 2000.

Both still going strong.

My next one will come from them, too. :D


#4: Post by mxgian74 »

Not that Jim and 1st Line need any more praise, but here's my public acknowledgement. I had been stalking a refurb Mara on their pickup page for a few weeks but with the holidays we could never find a time that i could pick it up. They told me the owner would be working New Years day and i could come pick it up. Jim graciously brought the machine out and chatted for a few minutes, i restrained myself from mentioning i was watching him on youtube the night before.

I'm very happy with the machine and its great to have them so close!