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Yum wrote:Wake up people ?? Everyone's talking about burrs this and burrs that when the fact is the "MOTOR" is not that strong...
The motor is strong enough for filter coffee even the lightest of lightest roast, with Cast, I'm sure that applies for V2, I've not once been able to stall the burrs not once. I even been able to cold start it with espresso grind just to see; no stall. Really this is not meant, advertised in fact strictly pointed out it should not be used for espresso. I'm still running v1 from the very first batch of none Kickstarter grinders that hit Europe.

I only experienced stall and problems with MP eith extremely fine grind. But it's end user decision to use those if you use V.1-2 or Cast at what it's meant to be used for meaning filter the motor is strong enough for home use. The longevity we obviously don't know yet as it's only about 3 years on the road but it already outlasted a Baratza Vario a grinder costing like twice so I'm not complaining.

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Yum wrote:Customer service DOESN'T exist!
fellowproducts wrote:I find posts like these quite odd. Let me address some of your points here one by one...
Since Nick from Fellow decided to address your points, I have merged your post from Fellow Ode V2.0 burrs almost here to Fellow's Marketplace thread. As a reminder, outside of Marketplace, the Vendor participation rules apply. For non-vendor members, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the Public complaints about customer service in the Guidelines. Thanks.
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Are there any timelines for Ode gen 2 grinder's availability for purchase in Europe, Sweden specifically? Hoping to get it myself as a Christmas gift.

fellowproducts (original poster)

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Hi there,

We're working through some last regulatory and compliance stuff right now, but it looks like we'll be past Christmas. Early next year for sure. I encourage you to check with Fellow retailers in the EU. Some are offering presales at the moment. Won't be long now and we really appreciate your patience.



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any ETA for Stagg EKG Pro Electric Kettle in Europe?

fellowproducts (original poster)

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Unable to disclose any dates yet. Appreciate your interest.




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I wonder if I could bother you to post the grind settings comparison between original burrs, SSP MP burrs, and V2 burrs?
I thought it had been posted already but can't find it.

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The guide was earlier in this thread, but here it is again:

For SSP burrs, if you are 1 click off burr touch, the Gen 2 chart lines up pretty nicely (I usually go 1-2 clicks coarser with the Gen 2 than SSP). If you are 5 clicks off of burr touch, I'd go 3-4 finer than the Gen 2 list.