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#291: Post by Jonk »

1.1 is a slight modification of 1.0 that can grind about 100 microns finer.

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Moka 1 Cup wrote:It looks like I am having an issue with my Ode 2.
Typically I grind between 10 and 15 grams. Yesterday morning however I fed the grinder with 20 grams of beans. No water added to the beans. Medium dark roast, the one I always use. The grinder was set 6.2. Halfway the grinder stopped. I increased the setting progressively up to 11 to see if it could solve the issue but it would not move. I then went ahead and removed the outer burr and this is what I found.

The exit chute was completely clogged. The brush was enough to free the chute. Reassembled the grinder and and after that the grinder seemed to work properly. I tried 5 or 6 grams, no problem. However at that point I had no time to drink a cup of coffee so I left everything there.
Later in the afternoon I went ahed and tried to make a cup for a guest and myself by using 30 grams of beans, same setting, no water. I turned the grinder on and start feeding it very slowly hoping that it would not happen again. Unfortunately it did again. Took the grinder apart and again this is what I found. This time the coffee in the exit chute was harder to remove, I had to use a screwdriver to push it out and then the brush from below.
Reassembled the grinder, fed again with 30 grams, very very very slowly, it went OK.

I do not see how 20-30grams of beans can stop a grinder and feeding few beans at the time is definitely a pain in the neck. Maybe I am doing something wrong or maybe there is something I need to do on the grinder.

The exact same issue is happening with my friend's Ode Gen 2. It is getting clogged with both medium and dark beans.

She was told it's because the f the dark roasted and oily beans.. I tend to think it's a fault with the design...


#293: Post by fvtown714x »

Hi All, this is my first post here ever, but I've lurked on much of the discussion about the Fellow Ode grinder and of course, have tried to find my own solutions elsewhere as well as troubleshoot this issue on my own.

I have been using a gen 1 Ode grinder, mostly with success and have been enjoying my cups (I'm not so picky), but recently purchased the gen 2 burr set as an upgrade. I watched the videos, tried my best, and lo and behold I messed up somewhere.

I think what happened was before calibration, I twisted the dial (with the dial face off) too far clockwise and I wasn't able to clearly distinguish when the burrs initially touch. At this point, the bare dial wasn't "clicky". Furthermore, the dial plate and dial face are too far apart to screw together cleanly. When I adjust for this by turning the dial counter-clockwise (so that it sits closer to the plate) so that they do attach with the four screws, and then turn the dial back to 11 in order to calibrate, I get metal shavings coming off the grinder/auger(?). Before my starting the upgrade, I did make sure to turn the dial to 11 before removing the dial mechanism. Now I am a bit confused because the dial plate and face fit together, but it appears the auger is being pushed too close, causing me to get metal shavings when I'm testing/calibrating? I sent a message to Fellow so I will say what they say, but I'm hoping for some feedback from those more experienced than me.

Thanks in advance, and I can certainly take photos if that would be helpful.


#294: Post by Jonk »

Perhaps you ran into a similar issue that I did: Fellow Ode brew grinder review

It seems that it's a good idea to adjust it fairly tight before calibration. I don't use the settings past 7 because it starts to rattle more and more..