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#281: Post by ohwhen »

radioradio wrote:Just got the Gen2 hopper for my Gen1 grinder.
What are the specs for the rear screws so I can source a longer set?
The original screws fit on the front but they're too short for the back.
fellowproducts wrote:We have had interest in people wanting to upgrade their Ode Gen 1 hopper with the Ode Gen 2 hopper. As of today is available for sale on our website: https://fellowproducts.com/products/ode ... load-bin-1

We could not package the screws with it, so I recommend just using the 2 front screws when installing this. It's totally fine to leave the back 2 out. If you are meticulous and want the rear screws, standard M3 X 50 flat head screws are the right size.

Thank you!


Team HB

#282: Post by ira »

fellowproducts wrote:Hey Ira,

I've turned the Chime up to 10, but if I'm not in the kitchen with nothing else making noise, I can't hear it. Is there a reason it's so quiet?

I'm looking into this to see if we have had any other complaints.


Any news on this. The chime really is useless as is.


#283: Post by viteaux »

This thread really fell off since Nick left....


#284: Post by LineaMurphy »

Anyone know of a valid discount code? I missed the deal on Ode Gen2 burrs but I am trying to buy a set now.

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Moka 1 Cup

#285: Post by Moka 1 Cup »

LineaMurphy wrote:Anyone know of a valid discount code? I missed the deal on Ode Gen2 burrs but I am trying to buy a set now.
Have you subscribed for the newsletter? It gives you a 10% discount.

Moka 1 Cup wrote:It looks like I am having an issue with my Ode 2.
Typically I grind between 10 and 15 grams. Yesterday morning however I fed the grinder with 20 grams of beans. No water added to the beans. Medium dark roast, the one I always use. The grinder was set 6.2. Halfway the grinder stopped. I increased the setting progressively up to 11 to see if it could solve the issue but it would not move. I then went ahead and removed the outer burr and this is what I found.

The exit chute was completely clogged. The brush was enough to free the chute. Reassembled the grinder and and after that the grinder seemed to work properly. I tried 5 or 6 grams, no problem. However at that point I had no time to drink a cup of coffee so I left everything there.
Later in the afternoon I went ahed and tried to make a cup for a guest and myself by using 30 grams of beans, same setting, no water. I turned the grinder on and start feeding it very slowly hoping that it would not happen again. Unfortunately it did again. Took the grinder apart and again this is what I found. This time the coffee in the exit chute was harder to remove, I had to use a screwdriver to push it out and then the brush from below.
Reassembled the grinder, fed again with 30 grams, very very very slowly, it went OK.

I do not see how 20-30grams of beans can stop a grinder and feeding few beans at the time is definitely a pain in the neck. Maybe I am doing something wrong or maybe there is something I need to do on the grinder.

Still interest in having a feedback about this issue and how to correctly use the Ode 2.

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#286: Post by LineaMurphy »

[quote="Moka 1 Cup"]Have you subscribed for the newsletter? It gives you a 10% discount.

Yes I have, but I was looking for something closer to the 30% off of burrs they were running.

Team HB

#287: Post by ira »

I'm still of the opinion that you should Snap the lid shut a couple of time after each time you grind. Press gently about 1/2" from the rear of the lid, then lift the front an inch or two and let it snap back closed. The should keep the chute clear. If it's clogging while grinding one batch starting with a clean grinder, you can try a spray of water on the coffee before grinding. Past that, it's still in warranty so contact Fellow about getting a replacement.

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Moka 1 Cup

#288: Post by Moka 1 Cup »

If you referring to my post, yes, I do it all the times. I also use the brush from below quite often to make sure that it's clean (and usually nothing or little comes out, it looks like there is very little or no retention in lower part of the chute).
Note also that the second time (second set of pictures) it happened after the burr had been removed and the grinder had been completely cleaned.
For the other part, water and so on, I would rather hear from Nick or the person who will replace him here, rather than guessing, especially because I need a second grinder for the office. I don't see anything broken or misaligned inside the grinder so I am just wondering if it is a design thing.
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Moka 1 Cup

#289: Post by Moka 1 Cup »

Well, I have just seen that it was addressed here: clogged chute

However I was not using dark roast, neither I think I found big chunks of coffee inside what came of the exit chute. I will make sure to check when it happens again.

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#290: Post by JackHK »

I try again ;-)

I wonder why there is no information on the V1.1 Burrs ?

Grind Capabilities with Ode

Ode Gen 2 Brew Burrs : 250 - 300 microns and up
SSP MP Brew Burrs : 300 microns and up
Ode Gen 1.1 / V1.1 Brew Burrs : ???????????
Ode Standard Brew Burrs V1.0 : 550 microns and up

https://fellowproducts.com/products/ode ... brew-burrs