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Moka 1 Cup

#271: Post by Moka 1 Cup »

Maybe it is to early to ask, but is there any plan to have a Tally Pro (not Studio) anytime soon? For the office I would prefer a matte finish (but still with the Brew Assist mode) and I assume that would be the name of the model.
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fellowproducts (original poster)

#272: Post by fellowproducts (original poster) replying to Moka 1 Cup »

Unfortunately I can't talk much about roadmap!


fellowproducts (original poster)

#273: Post by fellowproducts (original poster) »

Hey everyone,

As much as I have loved helping people on this forum, I'm going to be moving away from helping CX in my role.

I've got a lot on my plate and my main focus is product development! If you need help, please don't hesitate to send an email to hello@fellowproducts.com and we will take care of you!

Another member of our CX team will begin to monitor this thread shortly.

Thanks again,



#274: Post by SutterMill »

Hi Nick,

While I'm not currently the owner of any Fellow products; your contributions here have kept Fellow at the forefront of my mind for future purchases.

Best wishes. I'm looking forward to new product developments.


#275: Post by Missywatson »

Facing the exact same issue :( I got my Opus grinder in less than two weeks and one day it just doesn't work anymore. I can hear three beep sounds once I connect the grinder to the power source but then the burr just doesn't activate. Nick - do you have any insight on this?

I bought it outside of US/Canada so the warranty/return doesn't work the same way. Defo some issues with the machine calibration that Fellow would have to look into. Already engaged the support team but so far the response is disappointing.

Its frustrating because I was looking forward to the grinder :(

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Team HB

#276: Post by Jeff »

As it appears that you're from Hong Kong, have you checked with their distributor there for support? https://fellowproducts.com/pages/intern ... -retailers


#277: Post by Missywatson »

Thanks Jeff for the advice.

I bought the grinder in Singapore but my grinder and I are in HK right now. Have reached out to the retailer (Tangs department store) and pending their response. Even if the store is willing to provide exchange / return, the grinder would need to find a way back to Singapore :cry: :cry: :cry:

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Moka 1 Cup

#278: Post by Moka 1 Cup »

It looks like I am having an issue with my Ode 2.
Typically I grind between 10 and 15 grams. Yesterday morning however I fed the grinder with 20 grams of beans. No water added to the beans. Medium dark roast, the one I always use. The grinder was set 6.2. Halfway the grinder stopped. I increased the setting progressively up to 11 to see if it could solve the issue but it would not move. I then went ahead and removed the outer burr and this is what I found.

The exit chute was completely clogged. The brush was enough to free the chute. Reassembled the grinder and and after that the grinder seemed to work properly. I tried 5 or 6 grams, no problem. However at that point I had no time to drink a cup of coffee so I left everything there.
Later in the afternoon I went ahed and tried to make a cup for a guest and myself by using 30 grams of beans, same setting, no water. I turned the grinder on and start feeding it very slowly hoping that it would not happen again. Unfortunately it did again. Took the grinder apart and again this is what I found. This time the coffee in the exit chute was harder to remove, I had to use a screwdriver to push it out and then the brush from below.
Reassembled the grinder, fed again with 30 grams, very very very slowly, it went OK.

I do not see how 20-30grams of beans can stop a grinder and feeding few beans at the time is definitely a pain in the neck. Maybe I am doing something wrong or maybe there is something I need to do on the grinder.

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#279: Post by JackHK »

Burr Comparison

How about the v1.1 Burrs?

https://fellowproducts.com/products/ode ... brew-burrs


#280: Post by radioradio »

Just got the Gen2 hopper for my Gen1 grinder.
What are the specs for the rear screws so I can source a longer set?
The original screws fit on the front but they're too short for the back.