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#221: Post by Miltonedgebert »

I've ground a pound or two at a time with no noticeable stress or heating.


#222: Post by BreakerStrength »

I use a Gen 2 Ode for Cold Brew.

I do 150 to 175G at the coarsest setting. I will often use beans that I have been gifted, which includes really oily dark roast supermarket brands - which actually work quite well for cold brew. I tend to slow feed the machine in order to prevent jams in the chute; however, the motor can grind through the beans without issue.


#223: Post by Nwin23 »

What do you mean by slow feed?

fellowproducts (original poster)

#224: Post by fellowproducts (original poster) replying to Nwin23 »

Slowly feed the beans into the hopper with the lid off. If you grind very dark roasts with a full hopper, there is a chance that the exit chute can clog because of the way darker roasts tend to fracture.

I'm going to be filming a video about this to explain to our customer base soon.



#225: Post by Nwin23 replying to fellowproducts »

So I just got a used gen2. I've used it the last few days for aeropress with a medium roast and it's worked great.

Tried to make my wife's cold brew today and failed.

I'm using 200g of Starbucks medium roast (which honestly is pretty dang dark, but it's what she likes). I poured it in around 10-15g each time, letting it clear out the beans before adding more.

I only got to 150g before I gave up. I had a hard stall happen 4 times, which meant I had to unscrew the four screws, take out the burr and spring, and found the chute to be completely clogged to the point I needed to use a toothpick to unclog it.

Now I'll admit some fault-I wasn't weighing the 10-15g each time so there's a chance maybe I dumped more a few times, but not much more. Also maybe I'm not waiting in between each grind? I'd let it clear out and then wait about a second or two before proceeding again.

This seems pretty bad. My virtuoso would just chew these things up without issue, but it's a conical which maybe makes a slight difference? My niche zero also hasn't had a problem doing 40g at a time.

I used the coarsest grind setting which might be the issue as well...

fellowproducts (original poster)

#226: Post by fellowproducts (original poster) replying to Nwin23 »

Sorry to hear about your troubles with this. It's due to the way that this style of bean can fracture. Very dark roasts can fracture incredibly large, and jam up the finger guard at the exit chute in Ode.

To get around this, what I usually do is slow feed the beans in with the lid off. i.e. Take the hopper lid off, start the grinder, and feed the beans in slowly. If this doesn't work, grinding just a touch finer should eliminate the problem.



#227: Post by Nwin23 replying to fellowproducts »

Thanks Nick. I did try the slow feed to no avail, as mentioned earlier. I'll move from an 11 grind size down to a 9-10 and see if that helps while still enabling me to make cold brew. Cheers.


#228: Post by raab »

fellowproducts wrote:Different coffees can produce different results with regard to static. Coffees that generate more microfines will cause the grinder to need to be cleaned more often. Can you put your ear up to the RIGHT side of the grinder to see if you can hear the ionizer working after the motor stops? You should hear a slight buzzing for 2-3 seconds once it shuts down.

If you can hear the buzz and there is no static for the first few grinds, it may just be a coffee that is causing the pins to be covered in dust quicker than some other ones. Happy to keep troubleshooting to get you sorted.


Just picked up a 220v ode 2, and while nothing is wrong with my ioniser I was interested in hearing what you were taking about, so I put my ear up to the grinder and there's an audible buzz after grinding finishes except it doesn't go away.

If I turn off the power at the outlet it goes away, but comes back after I turn the power outlet back on

I searched Google and seems to have been a thing with original odes and electrical hum noises, is this still a thing with ode 2's?

I can't distinguish any difference in the ioniser buzz and the constant buzz, this normal?

I have bad tinnitus so it's not like an audible hum I can only hear when I put my ear up against the up is annoying

Edit: I can hear the ioniser buzz you're taking about but the electrical hum remains

fellowproducts (original poster)

#229: Post by fellowproducts (original poster) replying to raab »

With the very early Ode Gen 1s, we had some electrical noise that was audible even when you were not right up next to the grinder. We made a design change to prevent that from happening moving forward.

All electrical appliances have some amount of electrical hum if you get close enough, but with Ode Gen 2 it should not be noticeable from a distance. As long as you can't hear it from a few feet away; the design is as intended.

Hope this helps and I hope you enjoy,



#230: Post by raab »

Yeah I can only hear it with my ear against the unit