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#181: Post by ohwhen »

fellowproducts wrote:Extremely different. I'm sorry but it's not possible. It would cost you almost the price of a new unit to add it. Even though the grinder "looks" the same, even the body of it is different on the underside, along with the PCBA / wiring.

I appreciate the response, thank you for clarifying!


#182: Post by Yoda »

Hi guys,

I am trying to clean and adjust the Ode gen 2, which I just received, but I am not able to get the faceplate off. It sits there super tight. I watch some yt videos, and it looks it should get off pretty easily. I also tried to lever it, but still nothing. Any tips what is going wrong here


#183: Post by ecanto »

Hey Nick,

I've noticed that my Ode Gen 2 is getting rather messy. The cup usually requires a lot of cleaning as well (even with RTD). I'm not too sure what's going on. Is this normal?


fellowproducts (original poster)

#184: Post by fellowproducts (original poster) »

You'll need to clean the ionizer pins to keep them working in tip top condition.
I recommend people give it a good cleaning once a week; should be enough for the average home user.

Please let me know if that helped.




#185: Post by ab »

So can we get some details on this new scale?

fellowproducts (original poster)

#186: Post by fellowproducts (original poster) replying to ab »

Just the sneak peak from the TechCrunch article for now. More will come out soon!



#187: Post by ecanto »

It definitely helped, thanks a lot Nick! I really appreciate it!


#188: Post by fhyrew »

Another Ode Gen 2 question: is it normal to get widely varying drawdown times with different coffees?

For example, I've been doing my 750 ml Chemex batch brews using Hoffman's method with a Small Planes washed Guatemala (1550-1700 masl) at 6.1 or 6.2 on Ode and getting drawdown times in the 4:30-4:40 range with pretty good results.

But I've been having a much harder time with a Reanimator natural Rwanda and a Tandem washed Ethiopian (both grown at significantly higher elevations); the Rwandan's drawdowns have been kind of all over the place: 5:50 at 6.2, 5:20 at 8, but then 6:15(!!) at 7.2 the other day. The Ethiopian took 5:20 on 7 for a batch brew and came out bitter

I've never observed the flow stop completely during a brew, but am I dealing with some clogging issues here (and if so, why would they affect the two African coffees but not the Guat)? Or is this amount of variation between coffees from different origins to be expected, and if so, how big of an adjustment in grind size should I be making to adjust for different origins? Thanks as always!

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#189: Post by Shenrei »

Different coffees can and will have different flow rates, so expect your total brewing time to be different. For example a lot of Ethiopians "shatter" differently and produce more fines, which is why many people tend to grind coarser for those beans when applicable in order to lessen the chance of clogging. Roast level and coffee age also play a part. You will sometimes have to adjust your grind and technique. Also keep in mind that just because a specific coffee has a shorter total brewing time, that does not mean it has extracted any less. Ultimately let your tastebuds decide and adjust your brew accordingly.

Edit: I should've let Nick answer but I replied before looking at the topic and I can't delete my post.
- Tim


#190: Post by hatamoto »

Hello Nick!

I received my new Fellow Ode (Gen 2) yesterday and I love it! The coffee tastes really good!

However there is one thing that bothers me and I wanted to know if it is just my unit or maybe this is a more common problem:
When I go coarser with the grind setting, after I pass the setting 6-7 there starts to be some contact between the adjustment knob and the frame at the bottom-left, which causes a friction. If you look at the photos below you can see that the knob shifts a little bit relatively to the screw when I go coarse. It seems that it's caused by the knob not sitting exactly in the centre of the axis (I may be wrong - but see another photo below). This problem doesn't seem to impact the grinding in any way, but this just annoys me a bit. Also I'm afraid that after some time this may leave some permanent scratches on the knob (there are already some - see the photo below - but they seem to disappear when wiped with cloth) or even cause the paint to peel off.

Here is a video so you can hear this 'metal against metal' sound:


I'm not sure if I should just accept it and live with it or maybe contact the retailer and ask for a replacement. Please advise!