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#131: Post by nameisjoey »

Hey Nick,

Just opened up the replacement grinder and there's some very visible scratches around the grinder, mostly on the faceplate but one small one on the body and another on the catch cup. Even a little marring on the hopper.
I've attached some images. It's definitely not something I'm comfortable keeping in its current state.

Do I need to do a return on this one too and buy another? I've now got two Ode's at my house that need returning. Let me know how I should proceed? Feel free to drop me a PM if it's easier to handle this privately as well.

fellowproducts (original poster)

#132: Post by fellowproducts (original poster) replying to nameisjoey »

So sorry for this Joey. I'll work with you directly to resolve.



#133: Post by nameisjoey replying to fellowproducts »

Thanks Nick, I would appreciate that.


#134: Post by rinel892 »

Hi Nick!

I was so excited to hear that you guys finally made a grinder for espresso. I really want to buy ASAP!
Before that, I just want to ask a few questions about Opus.

Q1. How about retention? Usually that kind of ring burr format makes quite a lot retention, so I'm worried about it might not adequate for home espresso grinder for daily 1~2 cup users.

Q2. I could see there's no knocker. Does that mean I don't need to worry about falling off extra fines from chute when I pull off the catch cup after grinding?

Q3. Does the burr need seasoning? If so, how much?