Espresso Forge's biggest sale of the year + the all-new EVO

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Wanted to hop on and share with the HB community that we opened up our biggest sale of the year: 20% sitewide until November 30th! Jump over to our website to check it out -

More importantly, I'm thrilled to show you guys the new Espresso Forge EVO we just launched. We refined the threads for a better user experience that takes 70% less threading to lock and a lip to protect the threads from unexpected drops. The EVO also utilizes aluminum while retaining most of the brew path in stainless steel, allowing the EVO to preheat a lot quicker. This also dropped the weight by over 500 grams. Lastly, we designed a Delrin clip to integrate the locking to the portafilter, allowing a better experience of knocking the puck and dosing into the basket.

Hope everyone is doing well. Happy holidays!


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Dwight, is the aluminum PF on the EVO anodized? Do you have a video showing how the Delrin clip works?

Still loving my EF...and, right now, its even getting used everyday at home.
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Hey Dan,

Yes sir, the new brew plate is anodized and press-fits into the same stainless steel water cylinder we use for the original Espresso Forge. The brew path of the EVO is 82% stainless steel to anodized aluminum if you only consider the water cylinder/brew plate and exclude the stainless portafilter basket.

So glad to hear the EF is getting so much use; which version do you have? I will upload a video of how the Delrin clip works in a few, one of my favorite small details of the new version!