El Rocio Zarre Home Espresso Machine

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New gear alert!

The Prima team and I are super excited to introduce the Zarre home espresso machine from El Rocio. The Zarre is one of just a few on the market that offer variable pressure control throughout the duration of a shot cycle. Through an outboard rotary knob wired to an internal vibratory pump, the user has the ability to manually manipulate the power provided to the pump through pulse modulation, allowing complete flexibility in terms of pump power throughout a shot cycle. The Zarre also features two auto modes with programmable group fill time, pre-infusion time and power %, and full pressure infusion time. The Zarre also includes many of the basic features expected in a premium dual boiler espresso machine, like 3-way PID temperature control, reservoir or plumb options, a copper heat-exchanger to pre-heat brew water, and steam and coffee pressure gauges.


Stainless steel boilers
0.6L coffee boiler
1.8L steam boiler
2x vibratory pumps (steam fill, coffee brewing)
Group size: 58mm
18 ¾"D, 13 ¾"W", 15 ⅝"H
Weight 73lbs
Drip Tray capacity: 1.3L
Reservoir capacity: 2.4L
Wattage: Steam boiler: 800W, Brew boiler: 400W, Group head 300W (1500W total)
E61 style shower screen (press fit)

Manual Mode

Possibly the most defining feature of the Zarre is its manual mode, which allows the user to control pump pressure in real time throughout the duration of a shot cycle. In manual mode, the user controls pre-infusion and brew with their fingers via the rotary knob on the outboard controller. When the rotary knob is moved just past the lowest position, the pump engages at its lowest possible pressure, which is around 1-2 bars and around 4-5ml per-second water flow. Pump power can be increased or decreased as desired throughout the entire cycle.

A common use of Manual Mode is to engage the pump at low power until full saturation is reached, then increase power to 6-9 bars on the brew pressure gauge. Nearing the final 10ml-15ml of the shot, ramp down the power gradually, tapering off brew pressure from 9 bars to 0 bars.

Auto Mode

Programmable controls in Auto Mode:

'Pre-infusion Time' - The amount of time that the pump kicks on in full power at the beginning of the shot before entering the 'Pre-infusion Stop' stage. When used correctly, this feature allows the user to quickly fill the brew chamber under 0 bars to reduce headspace before transitioning into a low pressure infusion, allowing the pressure ramp to start quickly. To launch straight into low pump power for an elongated pre-infusion, Pre-infusion Time should be set to 0. To dial in Pre-infusion Time, switch to manual mode, insert the backflush disk into the portafilter, and determine how long it takes for the pressure to begin ramping after a shot cycle has been initiated at full power. This value (which should only be a few seconds or less) can be programmed as your Pre-Infusion Time in Auto mode. Utilizing Pre-infusion Time in this way will help promote a faster saturation of the puck.

'Pre-Infusion Stop' - The amount of time that the pump operates in the programmed low power (between 30%-60% pump power). A common way to use Pre-Infusion Stop is to infuse the puck with low pump power just until espresso has begun to flow from the basket.

'Shot Time' - The total shot time from beginning to end. Subtract the Pre-infusion Time and Pre-infusion Stop times from this value, and the difference is the duration of full pump power following Pre-Infusion Stop. For example, if your full pre-infusion cycle (Pre-infusion Time and Pre-Infusion Stop combined) totals 15 seconds and Shot Time is set to 35 seconds, The Zarre will transition into full power infusion for 20 seconds. Shot Time can be set between 10 seconds and 120 seconds.

Temperature Accuracy

Scace results: Set temp 205. 1 minute wait between shot cycles. These results are achievable due to the third heating element at the group, and the pre-heating of incoming brew water through a copper heat-exchanger.


Scace results: Set temp 201. 1 minute wait between shot cycles


Product link: https://prima-coffee.com/equipment/el-r ... e-el-ro-pp

Overview Video:
Check it out! I'm excited to hear your feedback and answer any questions.

-Ryan Felbinger
Product Manager
Prima Coffee
4603 Poplar Level Rd
Louisville, KY 40213

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The Zarre is now in stock! We have a very limited number of units for the first run. For more info, visit the link above or contact us at sales@prima-coffee.com.

Prima Coffee
4603 Poplar Level Rd
Louisville, KY 40213