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Appalachian Coffee

#71: Post by Appalachian Coffee »

I just made my GF a decaf cappuccino. At 1/4 turn it's not allowing any flow. Right before 1/2 turn a trickle begins to flow from the shower screen.

She's not a coffee fan, but liked it.


#72: Post by Ultrafiche »

Appalachian Coffee wrote:Hi Jonathan, I just got one of the recent shipment of Flow Control from Chris' Coffee on my new Alexia. I'm happy to answer any questions. I just wrote a review on the Chris Coffee website. This is my first post here, BTW.
Thank you! I'm unfortunately not seeing your review on the Chris Coffee website just yet. This might be a stupid question, but what do you turn measurements signify (e.g., 1/4 and 1/2 turn)?

Seems much better than what previous posters have experienced, which is exciting.

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Appalachian Coffee

#73: Post by Appalachian Coffee »

Do a search once you get to the Chris' Coffee website for "Flow Control " for the review. It possibly is still not posted pending approval. Let me know if you can see it.

The Flow Control adjustment lever turns in a 360 degree circle. 1/2 turn is 180 degrees, a full turn or 1 is 360 degrees, 1 1/2 is one full turn of 360 degrees plus another half turn of 180 degrees, for a total of 540 degrees. Hopefully, this makes sense.


#74: Post by Ultrafiche »

Yes, that makes total sense. I wasn't aware that you could turn it more than one full revolution. Thanks for sharing!

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#75: Post by walr00s »

Appalachian Coffee wrote:1/2 = .65ml/sec
3/4 = 2.5ml/sec
1 = 4.75 ml/sec
1 1/4 = 5.5
1 1/2 = 7.5
1 3/4 = 8.25
This is the latest. Installed by Chris Coffee on a new Quick Mill Alexia.
Somewhere between 1/4 and 1/2 turn it starts to activate slightly. I have only had it 2 days. Seems right to me.
I just got my QM Alexia with QM flow control, also installed by Chris'. My results are very similar. 1/4 turn actually gives me zero flow though.
1/2 gives ~1.5ml/s
3/4 = ~4.2ml/s
1 = ~ 5ml/s
1 3/4 = ~7.5ml/s

Appalachian Coffee

#76: Post by Appalachian Coffee »

Thanks for posting. Congratulations on the new machine!

That is pretty close to what the flow profile is on mine. At 1/4 I get no flow. Flow starts right before 1/2 turn.

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#77: Post by walr00s »

Thanks! I'm really enjoying it. The ease of use and the quality of the shot are both night and day from my previous setup. The flow control is a bit hard to manage, I find, but I'm sure I'll get better at it. I need to reposition my knob so that the area between 1/2 and 3/4 turn is in a better spot. Controlling it requires a little more delicacy than I would like, but that seems to always be the case with espresso. I also wish the knob was shaped differently, perhaps more of paddle shape, so that I didn't sometimes accidentally touch the very hot grouphead directly underneath and to its sides.

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Appalachian Coffee

#78: Post by Appalachian Coffee »

A paddle shape makes sense, but it has to be small enough to fit the space.

I totally agree on the Alexia!