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#61: Post by Stanford55 »

jgood wrote:The prototype looks awesome -- I suspect that the cost of retrofitting that setup is the reason it didn't end up going into production. Perhaps QM will make a machine with that design built in.....
Thanks! I hope you're right.
JmanEspresso wrote:SO.. Is the lever controlling a gear pump?
I appreciate your enthusiasm :lol: but..it's a rotary pump.

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#62: Post by Phip »

With the profiler on my QM 67, I've found it easiest to back down to minimal pressure rather than to ease up into it. I start the shot with the profiler knob wide open. As soon as the manometer needle twitches from zero, I quickly turn the knob down but not completely off. This lets me get to 1/2-2 bars before a single drop falls and then have a leisurely preinfusion. From there the ramp up can be pretty smooth and controlled.
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#63: Post by beardfuel » replying to Phip »

Could you post a video of that method? I've tried reproducing it but I'm not able to get a great 2 bar preinfusion.


#64: Post by Ultrafiche »

I'm looking for a flow control device for my PP700 and saw that Chris Coffee has gotten these back in stock after a period of unavailability.

Glad I stumbled upon this thread, because it seems like their version (made by QM) isn't as good as the version that WLL sells - at least previous versions of it.

Has anybody had the chance to purchase the latest batch to see if any changes/updates have been made to further restrict the flow near the "closed" position? Or does anyone have any recommendations on where I can source an alternative flow control device? WLL seems to be out with no ETA on when they'll be restocking them.

Thanks everyone and happy happy holidays. :)

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#65: Post by walr00s »


#66: Post by Ultrafiche » replying to walr00s »

Thanks. It says on the site that they can't ship into the US, though. :(

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#67: Post by Appalachian Coffee »

Hi Jonathan, I just got one of the recent shipment of Flow Control from Chris' Coffee on my new Alexia. I'm happy to answer any questions. I just wrote a review on the Chris Coffee website. This is my first post here, BTW.

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#68: Post by walr00s » replying to Appalachian Coffee »

Is the flow rate adjustment still the same as reported here? i.e. a lot of flow comes with ~1/4th a turn?

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#69: Post by Appalachian Coffee »

1/2 = .65ml/sec
3/4 = 2.5ml/sec
1 = 4.75 ml/sec
1 1/4 = 5.5
1 1/2 = 7.5
1 3/4 = 8.25
This is the latest. Installed by Chris Coffee on a new Quick Mill Alexia.
Somewhere between 1/4 and 1/2 turn it starts to activate slightly. I have only had it 2 days. Seems right to me.

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#70: Post by walr00s »

sounds like a major improvement in flow control over the turning range of the device