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#11: Post by Incognito007 »

I have been trying to investigate whether a flow control device would work well with a hx machine like the appartamento. Can anybody please advise? Thank you.


#12: Post by jgood »

Question to those who have installed the QM Flow Control -- in the instructions it mentions: "FDA-APPROVED THREAD SEALING" is this normal plumbers teflon tape or something else? I ordered one and I guess I am asking what I need to have on hand that's not included other than wrenches? Thanks!

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#13: Post by Bob_McBob »

Does the knob on this version clear the top of the case on the various iterations of the Duetto? Also, it looks like it comes with the higher strength spring to defeat the E61 preinfusion chamber?

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#14: Post by emradguy »

I would assume so, since Chris said it's compatible with all Duetto versions. Mine is not due to arrive until Thursday, but I can let you know about the DII, and maybe snap a few pics.


#15: Post by holybean »

Hi Chris,

Is the device Lelit-friendly, specifically the Mara X?


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#16: Post by JmanEspresso »

Bob_McBob wrote:Does the knob on this version clear the top of the case on the various iterations of the Duetto? Also, it looks like it comes with the higher strength spring to defeat the E61 preinfusion chamber?
Ive got mine installed on the Duetto 2, and yes it does come with a tougher spring. I figured the spring would go up top with the mushroom, but per the video it goes in the upper bottom section of the group. The fatter tube of the lower group section, not the skinnier exhaust section. Mine didnt come with instructions but I watched the Video on Chris' website.

Second, yes the knob can spin all the way around.

Ill admit, im still experimenting with it. IDK if its working how its supposed too, or not, or If Im mis-informed. I havent measured water debit at different positions, but I can definitely turn the flow off completly, and then open it slightly and get a little, open it more and get more etc etc. But in actual use, it seems the only useful range of the knob is the first 1/4 turn. And with the knob open at any flow, even barely cracked open, while pre-infusion will take a little longer, it will still ramp right up to 9bars. And if I want to retard the flow or pressure on the gauge, its like the last bit just before the knob is tightly closed is where the adjustment is.

I tried both springs in the lower chamber, seems about the same either way. Idk my machine is like 8 years old maybe I need to put all new springs in the group. Purely a brainstorming thought.

Its not that it doesnt work, its that I dont think it works the way I thought, OR, Ive got something wrong. Also, I installed it this morning and pulled a handful of shots, so there is more experimentation to be done, that is FOR sure. I could be totally messing something up so, Im not drawing any conclusions yet. Looking forward to you fellas who have Duetto 2s of similar age commenting on your experiences!


#17: Post by Carmd1281 »

Just placed an order and am interested to try it on my R58!
New York, NY

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#18: Post by davidc9057 »

Is the flow control just another fad or do you see an actual improvement in your espresso? Fads come and go but before I commit to one who can REALLY say it's an improvement? I'm very curious.

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#19: Post by slybarman » replying to davidc9057 »

I initially chalked it up to a being a fad, but now that I have had it almost a year on the Bianca, I believe it is useful and I use it regularly.

You could live life quite fully without a dimmer switch for your lights, but once you have the ability to select something other than on/off, you would probably find it helpful and would miss it, at least for a while, if the ability were taken away.

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#20: Post by GC7 »

SteveRhinehart wrote:I just installed mine yesterday. Easy to install, looks great, works great!
Can you post the flow rates (ml/sec or 10 seconds) at fully open and each 1/4 turn of the knob to slow flow? I'm curious to see if this device can reproduce profiles posted using other devices. Thanks.