E37S Quick Set Gear upgrade is ready for pre order

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#1: Post by WholeLatteLove »

We finally have the Quick Set Gear (QSG) up on the site for pre order. I expect to have them in stock around June 1st. If you would like one, please call in and set up an order with one of our folks on the phone. FYI, we are here 7 days a week for sales, tech support and customer service. The cost is $299.

https://www.wholelattelove.com/products ... pgrade-kit

The actual worm gear on the QSG is pretty sweet. When you get to our site, take a look at the images in the gallery. I have never seen a "worm gear" that is as heavy duty and beautiful in its appearance. Ceado really does do an amazing job.

Note: The Quick Set Gear Upgrade Kit is compatible with Ceado E37S grinders with serial numbers beginning with F, G, or H.
Pleaes let me know if you have any questions.
Todd Salzman
Whole Latte Love

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#2: Post by BladeAndStone »

What is odd about this "upgrade" is that despite it being called "quick set" it does not have the "quick setting" feature of unlocking the worm gear and making wide switches between coarse and fine like the E37z. Odd choice in name, wish it had the actual quick set feature, but nonetheless a welcomed advance in technology.