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Now in stock at Prima and with our partners!

The 807 LS is a super-premium commercial coffee grinder designed for single dosing for cupping or pour over. It also features a bag clamp for easy bag grinding. Unique features include a folding platform for grounds receptacles, a metal receptacle included, and a burr set made from cast steel. This cast steel burr set features a very different geometry from other 807 burrs, and in combination with the bumpy texture of cast steel (like a cast iron pan), the burrs tend to create a higher proportion of fine particles and less boulders, and more round particle shapes. The result is definitively sweeter coffee with thick body. Unlike the EK43, the 807 lab sweet isn't focused on achieving clarity. What it does best is to create a syrupy, rich cup that benefits some coffees and not others. The cast steel burrs are capable of grinding extremely fine, allowing use for Turkish all the way to cold brew, making it a true all purpose grinder.


- 80mm cast steel burrs
- Spring-loaded knocker/bag clamp and chute
- Folding platform
- Metal grounds catch
- Stepless grind adjustment
- Two active fans to manage heat
- Minimal retention chute
- Turkish to cold brew+ grind range (100µm up to 1.200µm depending on roast and calibration)

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