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decent_espresso (original poster)

#581: Post by decent_espresso (original poster) »

Decent Scale: tracking your gushers with 0.1g accuracy

Now with the Decent Scale even your worst espresso disasters can be tracked in high-speed, 0.1g precision, and charted for posterity on the de1app screen.

An explanation of this video:

A bunch of people have asked me to make a video showing the Decent Scale in action on the Decent Espresso Machine.

So, I asked Paul to make me an espresso in our studio, with some beans we'd just received.

The scale is paired, and is showing the flow-rate-into-the-cup as the brown line.

Unfortunately, the grind was *really* not dialed in, and so the espresso reached 33 grams in just 9 seconds. A lovely "gusher". Result: Paul is embarrassed.

Anyway, it's still a demo of the scale in use, and proof that Decent is not more immune to to screwing up, than anyone else.


I have 960 Decent Scales arriving from our supplier in a few days (they were shipped out yesterday), and we'll be sending them to the 600 pre-orders as fast as we can.

As it's been a long time (some people have waited 4 years!) I'll be emailing all customers to confirm that we still have their current postal address. We'll prioritize sending scales to those who confirm their address with us.

Some other scale news:

- Later this week we'll be posting two scale-related videos I shot with Mohammed. These cover (a) using the Scale as a plain-old-scale (no bluetooth) and (b) the scale being used with the Decent. Ihti is our in-house videographer, as I hired him because of the thoughtful videos he did for his blog.

- Mohammed and I are reaching out to Android/iOS app developers, to see if we can entice them to add support for our scale. I'm sending them a free scale and 1-on-1 programming tech support. Lars, the programmer behind is our first take-up.


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#582: Post by PIXIllate »

This is great news. Hopefully you'll be able to get the Smart Espresso Profiler app devoper involved.

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decent_espresso (original poster)

#583: Post by decent_espresso (original poster) » replying to PIXIllate »

That is very much the plan. Two scales went out to Gabor & Miklos last week.

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#584: Post by PIXIllate »

More great news. I looks forward to having a visual on the flow. It'll keep me learning for now. Until the thing that seems unavoidable happens and I order a DE.

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#585: Post by naked-portafilter »

decent_espresso wrote:That is very much the plan. Two scales went out to Gabor & Miklos last week.
:-) we can't wait and appreciate it a lot.

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decent_espresso (original poster)

#586: Post by decent_espresso (original poster) »

Video: intro to the Decent Scale

Here's a video we finished today that discusses everything about the Decent Scale *except* how it works with the Decent Espresso Machine. My goal was to have something for people who want to just know all about it, and don't own a Decent.

We've also filmed another video, now being edited, which is dedicated to DE1 use of the Decent Scale, and that should come out next week.

This video, like a few of my recent ones, is in a much more relaxed and conversational style with Mohammed, instead of the more intense/information-dense (and shorter) videos I made on my own, in the past.

As always, I am guided by Steve Stockman's book "How to shoot video that doesn't suck" whose principal point is: if you don't entertain, people won't watch.

My earlier videos have been info-dense, but barely watched, so that needed to change. Hopefully, many of you will like this easier-going video style.

The Decent Scale is now shipping, though it'll take about 2 weeks for us to work through the order backlog. For more info:



#587: Post by DanishGuy »

Is there an extra USB port in the DE1 to power the scale?

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#588: Post by spressomon »

Manual states .2g accuracy for <200g loads for the new Decent Scale [from the manual on your website for this product: "Weighing accuracy: 0.2g (<200g) 0.5g (<1000g), 1g (<2000g)"].

But video & website states .1g accuracy for up to 2000grams.

Also, what is the operating temperature range?
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#589: Post by LA »

I like the old, info-dense, shorter videos. Entertainment is not important for me, and can be cumbersome, when I want to learn something.

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#590: Post by Chert »

The artisan roasterscope team seems quite adept at configuring artisan for various devices. But please consider sending a scale to them.

A 2 year warranty suggests to me this unit will last longer without failing than the cheap scales I have used over the years.
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