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Scott Rao interviews John Buckman

A one hour conversation recorded live from Instagram. We'll be releasing chopped-up single-question videos from this, next week. From

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12 questions from when Rao interviewed Buckman

Scott Rao interviewed me last week, and we've split the hourlong conversation into 12 questions, which makes short, sweet & "to the point" viewing. ... GKuPr1jNRH

Calling it an interview isn't quite right as Scott (quite rightly) spoke a fair amount. I tend to babble on too long in most interviews, but with Scott I found that I reigned that tendency in, likely because I knew that he'd continue to pilot the conversation is an interesting direction.

Scott suggested to me, that we have another conversation in maybe 6 months. However, as this one went so well, I'm thinking of perhaps more regularly conversations between the two of us. And perhaps with less of of an interview structure, more of a conversation about topics besides Decent, might be quite interesting.



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There are some real gems in this interview John. A particularly great insight is the thought process behind the fill stage in blooming shots; I used to think about using a pressure mark or slight beading with the Bianca to do this. Using time to fill a reasonably consistent volume made this much easier. Thanks for taking the time to break all that down.


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Yeah, I have to say, I'm not really in the market for a Decent but the guy who made it seems like a really top notch dude. Love his transparency and how well he explains everything.