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Interesting that experiences says that plastic is harder than steel. I recognize there a many variations in steel as it is an alloy. It is not that hard to find steel that is harder, the stainless on kitchen appliances is not the measure of hardness of steel. Regardless, I would prefer more durable and if plastic is that so be it. With metal, harder steels are more brittle, but who throws things at an espresso mirror.

On unrelated question, can the Decent add hot water to the finished drink when the extraction is complete, like to make an Americano. I saw Scott Rao's Filter 2.1 video and he amended the cup with water from a kettle. I thought, can that be added to the program at a specified volume and temp? Maybe I misunderstand something.


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Yes, water can be distributed through the hot water port to the temp you prefer and the weight or volume you want.
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But as far as I can see, not as part of a profile, just as a separate step.

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Correct. Per UL safety requirements, the tablet is not allowed to start any hot function, and since espresso and hot water are separate functions (and separate buttons on the group head), it's not currently possible for the tablet to start hot water after espresso. But this is a programmability feature we plan to add.

We'd intended for this in the hardware design, which is why the hot water spout is just behind the group head, so that you don't have to move your cup to get an espresso and then hot water.


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If this is true, why is my breville oracle touchable to do just that: pull the shot and then add water for an Americano?


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Curious about this function as well so I get my wife to stop using Nespresso :shock:
My best guess is due to the portability of the tablet as you can't really take the Oracle touch screen with you. With the tablet, you could accidentally start it when not near the machine, not realize it's running and have a nice little flood.

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NetLawMan wrote:If this is true, why is my breville oracle touchable to do just that: pull the shot and then add water for an Americano?
Indeed, it is allowed by UL rules, which is why I wrote:
But this is a programmability feature we plan to add.
as we now have clarity from UL that the initial "user is present" physical button press is allowed to start multiple different hot functions.

Originally (7 years ago) we didn't have that clarity and we designed each hot function as a separate start, requiring user-presence-proof.

Safety compliance is a mix of following-standards, and interpretation by the safety compliance consultants and the eventual Inspector.


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New video: the Decent milk jug & thermometer

I can finally replace one of my most cringe-worthy videos

At the time (six years ago), we were still designing the DE1, and all I had to make espresso was a two group E61 machine. The coarse milk foam I made in that video is pretty embarrassing.

The milk jug space is quite crowded, with most products aimed toward the latte artist. I tried to carve out a different space with this, as I was (am) a beginner at such things. I personally really like to measure things, as measurement is the grounding of consistency, and without consistency, you cannot improve your skills. So: the focus of my jug is detailed measurement lines, linear flow rate change on the spout, and easy thermometer use.

I realize that trying to get cafes to use a milk thermometer is a quixotic goal. But damn it, I'm tired of getting too-hot milk in 2nd wave cafes, and too-cold milk in 3rd wave cafes. And both varying 10ºC depending on whether I get my drink in a ceramic or paper cup. But maybe I can convince home baristas to do use one.

A bit of a story about "why" I created these coffee accessories:
  • be able to share what I'd learned in my own coffee-journey, starting as an absolute beginner, with a focus on measuring and repeatability
  • I'd learn about manufacturing and start to establish supplier relationships
  • as well as build out a supply chain, order taking, order fulfilment, tech support and returns-handling infrastructure.
  • I knew that if we waited until the DE1 was ready to go to do this, that it'd be too late, and that we'd let people down. All that back-office stuff is important, and not easy to get right, especially in a hurry.
Some lessons I learned:
  • suppliers who will do business with you when you're a small business with no past, are not the most reliable people to do business with (really?!?)
  • working with suppliers who are exclusively in the coffee accessory business is a good way to get your designs cloned, suddenly appearing in anonymous stores on Amazon
  • if you want to work with quality suppliers, you have to impress them, get them to believe that you'll be successful. After all, it's a partnership: they make the product, you find the market for it.
  • A lack of respect, treating suppliers not as partners but as servants (aka "you're my bitch"), is the #1 cause of companies complaining about sh**ty suppliers. Companies who have decades of experience in the industry, where deep respect goes both ways, work with a totally different caliber of suppliers, and don't have those kinds of problems.
  • It still amuses me that people think they can simply go to, send money, and painlessly receive great product shortly thereafter. It usually ends in tears, as it did for me too.
  • Our first product, Decent-branded analog milk thermometers, "looked pretty" but had two fatal flaws: they weren't water tight (steam got into the display), and the weld to the temp probe wasn't strong, so the celsius dial tended to spin inside the display.
I hope you enjoy the new video. More coming soon.



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Hi John,

With the queue of ~ 16 days for a DEpro, it feels like we are approaching a June delivery timeframe for orders by the end of next week. Do you have any updates on suitcase timing? Is it early June, or late July or somewhere in between. This small incidental features of the new suitcase are something our family will find useful, so I'm looking for the timing.

I'm working on when I should place my order.

Thank you,

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#1400: Post by decent_espresso (original poster) replying to CincyWes »

There is no waiting for any of our machines, we ship same day and you'll have it within a few days. All models are in stock. Sorry if something on the website made you think otherwise.

The new suitcase version is months away, likely toward year end.