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Have been enjoying your content very much. Thinking about selling my Vesuvius profiling machine and getting a Decent. It has been very educational as well. Thank you for sharing so much knowledge.

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Youtube Live: Canadian champ & his light roast beans

Tomorrow (links also on our IG bio):
- Our Youtube Channel
- Our Google Calendar:
- Our Apple iCal: Subscribing on iCal currently requires you to use iCal to click "File/New Calendar Subscription"​

Canadian Barista Champion Cole Torode drops by with his expensive and delicious light filter roast coffees from his company Forward Coffeee

We tasted them as pour overs at the Hong Kong Barista Championship a few days ago. His company sells green coffee for both home roaster and pros, and these beans we tasted were roasted by him.

We were really impressed, and wanted to try to pull these same beans on our espresso machine, using recipes on the Decent Espresso Machine. Can we do justice to these beans, with an espresso machine?

Cole is a Dalla Corte ambassador, and part of the video is going to be how you can pull these same "espresso" shots on other flow control espresso machines.

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Visual branding for upcoming "Decent TV" Series

Here at Decent, we're planning several "series" of TV shows (6 to 12 episodes each).

Each series will have its own visual identity on Youtube. Here are the drafts Mohammed and I have come up so far. Our artist (Harris) is out today, so these have *not* been through a professional's fingers yet.

First, I wanted to get your feedback on each idea.

- For "Dial In Decently" we decided to highlight the "set" where Paul and I film, with a popup bubble giving our thoughts, very summarized, of the episode. The hosts' face (usually making a funny face) is featured. This visual style is very common on Youtube. From what I've read, that's because it works.

- Our "what's a..." is our "coffee explained" series, where we'll do an episode each on every main coffee drink, and how we make it. This will feature Paul (the expert) guiding Mohammed's hand (he's the newbie) through making each drink, and tasting it. The graphics are made by the Stable Diffusion AI, of these drinks painted in an impressionistic style.

- Mohammed will be asking Paul some rather deep-sounding questions about espresso. In reading his questions, I (comically) noticed that they sounded like existential despair (kind of like Garfield Minus Garfield and decided to run with that, generating charcoal drawings in Stable Diffusion that expressed the concept.

- and finally, we'll be redoing all our coffee accessory videos, as they were all made before I had a proper gear, and was lacking talent or help. I was thinking of using an X-Ray style like that below, to communicate that we'll be looking intensely at these. Plus it's a very striking graphic (but the fonts and layout need help, I know)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

There's a lot of videos planned here, about a year's work.

Very much looking for feedback on the ideas above.


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How to make espresso from light roasted Panamanian Geisha coffee beans

Here is the video we shot with Cole, where we pull his light roast Panamanian Geisha as a Turbo shot, a Filter 2.1, and an Allongé. We discuss the relative merits of each approach.
I was pleased with this most recent episode, not least of which was Cole's "I think found our unlock for these beans" which was the Allongé recipe. These were a *gorgeous* Panamanian Geisha when he made them as filter coffee, so I was "psyched" to do these justice.

- The Turbo shot was surprisingly good. Great concentration, I liked the acidity more than the other two presenters. Perfume was amazing. Tweaking the profile made it worse. A slight "flavor hole" on the middle of the palate.
- The Filter 2.1 was quite good, and as Cole mentioned, resembled a traditionally made filter coffee. If he hadn't seen it made, he would assume that's what it was.
- The Allongé recipe really unlocked this bean, filing in that "flavor hole" and broadening the shot overall. We did lose mouthfeel, but it was a delicious coffee, not fatiguing at all, with low acidity.
- After the show stopped taping, we tried another bean of Cole's that was more fruity, and it was far-and-away the best coffee of the day. Where the Allongé approach really excels is in bring out fruitiness in coffee, what Rao calls "fruit bombs", while holding acidity down.

From a video/technical perspective, this was our best episode so far:
- both cameras have reasonably good angles, brightness and color is mostly accurate between them
- weird lighting "bar" on the back wall is now gone
- audio level and sound was consistent across all 3 speakers, who were in different positions and who rotated a lot
- audio quality much improved : no more pops, much less background noise, thanks to "HDMI Inserter" device I just bought that puts the audio mixing board output, and a massive 9 meter long industrial sound insulating curtain.

but still to improve:
- strong shadow cast on the view from the camera above the cart
- a bit of short echo on the audio
- choice of video camera used could improve
- my iphone shooting close ups was awkward, and we need a cable from the iphone to be able to mix the iphone in real time
- the new video mixer failed after a few minutes, saving each camera, so we can't do any post-processing on this show.
- more cameras, so we can show detail better
- need to prepare pucks further into the camera shot, not on the edge



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Looking forward to watching this. I've had greens from forward coffee and been really impressed. When I heard Cole was in HK I was able to pop down and see him, taste some great coffee and buy some he's roasted. A real treat. I'll be buying greens from him again

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A week of Decent videos

As we've solved (most of) our video-studio technical problems, it's now "full steam ahead" <excuse the pun> to make videos covering more basic topics.

I've scheduled the next 6 videos, with a "live taping" each day. You can join in to watch and ask questions. After the taping, the video will be "unlisted" on youtube so that we can edit it, and also so that we can upload a higher video resolution version than what was live-streamed. We'll publish these videos as the edits get finished.

As suggested in discussions in the community, all our videos now have a summary of what will be discussed. This serves both as a script for us, but also helps google find the appropriate video when searching.

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We today released a major new version of the DE1 app (no longer a beta).

The video briefly explains everything, and extensive detail can be found:

Here's a summary:

WHAT'S NEW in v1.41:

The previous version of the de1app focussed on improving espresso making, so in this version we focussed on everything around espresso: steam, hot water, and interaction with the App.

- Two tap steam stop: for those that dislike the default "steam auto purge" behavior.
- Reduce electricity consumption by 60% during "hot idle" by easily disabling steam and enabling it when you need it
- Fast switching from Espresso to Steam
- Short burst of steam (under 7 seconds) doesn't do a steam purge, just stops.

Hot Water
- Faster hot water flow rate, and control over it, and less stuttering
- Realtime control over hot water flow rate, same control as with Steam and Flush
- Hot water is now automatically temperature accurate, reducing flow if needed
- Faster starting hot water

- Control over the Flush flow rate, both faster and slower than previously possible
- Flush auto stop timer in Insight skin
- Too long a flush at too high a flow rate generates a warning, and also triggers group head warmup, to prevent too-cool espresso making
- Realtime control over Flush flow rate, same control as with Steam and Hot Water

- Smart Charging: prevents the "tablet battery swells" problem, extends battery life. Automatically keeps battery charged between 55% and 65%.
- Tap-on-blue-colored-numbers throughout the app, to get a full screen data entry page. No more tap-tap-tap on +/- controls
- Enrique's attractive DUI controls now used widely
- GHC Purple LEDs flash each time a profile is update

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8 Decent video shoots next week

The next 8 Decent live video tapings will be about:
  • Deep Espresso Questions, the first episode. Decent's Mohammed Magdi will be asking our resident coffee expert Paul Chan, all sorts of deep questions about Dark vs Light roast, that anyone new to espresso might be thinking.
  • Paul has been working on lower temperature espresso (in the 80ºC range), specifically for taming darker roasted coffee.
  • The new water distribution parts are coming to the DE1 in a few months. What's the benefit?
  • How to increase the body of your espresso. We discuss headspace, spacer kits and different basket shapes.
  • how to Make your Android tablet battery free. We have a low cost kit (it's free for DE1 owners with Android battery problems) that you can use to remove your battery and make it run directly off USB power. Also: how to make the same mod to other brand tablets.
  • The Decent Espresso Machine v1.44 is shipping in January. What's new in the hardware?
  • Double-walled glass versus ceramic, for espresso drinkware? Benefits of each discussed.
  • The Decent Simple Scale, explained.
I'll only be posting once a week about our upcoming videos, so that this channel doesn't get clogged with video announcements.

If you want to know about our upcoming live video tapings, subscribe to our calendar: Each "live taping" is made "unlisted" after the event, so that we can video edit it into something concise are professional. The edited version is then released some weeks later.

During the live event, we watch the Youtube Chat and you can ask any questions you might have, which we'll address toward the end of each taping.


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Appreciation for the default flush timer and the two tap steam mods. I like to flush through the portafilter into my cup every morning before drying it and setting up the next puck. Never realized how a flush timer would somehow make the whole experience that much nicer. Same for the steam cancelation improvement. Well thought out, and executed. Thanks!


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Hi - Any updates on when the resin portafilter handles might be available?
Haven't seen an update recently but may have missed it!