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How we made a new cardboard box for our coffee funnel

How Harris thought up, designed, created, prototyped, and tested our new cardboard box. We're revisiting all our packaging to use eco-friendly plain brown cardboard, easy to open, sturdy, simple graphics, with an aim toward "ease of use" for all those who encounter it.

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First "Dialing In Live" with Square Mile coffee beans

In about 2 weeks, I'll be joined by Decent coffee-expert Paul Chan in our first "Dialing In with Decent Espresso" Youtube Live event.

Besides open-question-time, we'll be "dialing in" 3 beans from London's Square Mile Coffee Roasters. I bought them today, and am flying to Hong Kong with them in about 40 hours.
- ... lter-blend

Please, if any of these coffees interest you, MAIL ORDER THEM NOW and start to make coffee with them. The goal of the Dialing In show is to have a conversation about making espresso. It's not meant to be a lecture. Different perspectives would be great.

We'll be using a Decent Espresso Machine, but people with other machines are welcome to join (especially any manual levers!). Grinder wise, we'll have a Niche, Lagom P100 and Weber Key, and we'll be trying them all.

This will be Harris' first trial of the video studio she's been putting together, and the gear will have its first run too. I'm sure it'll all not go smoothly <grin> but we'll do our best to make it fun & hopefully helpful.

In future "episodes" we'll be order beans from great coffee roasteries around the world. We'll give you enough advance notice to order them too, so you can join in and give us your tips and thoughts.

More details when I get out of COVID quarantine in Hong Kong, in about a week.


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Epic fail! Reinforced wheel bracket can't take the load

A few months ago, at our trade show stand at World of Coffee in Milan, Italy, we found that the coffee carts we use weren't able to survive the big bumps we found. While they're fine on smooth, level ground, reality isn't like that.

So we redesigned our wheel brackets to be twice as thick and folded.

And.... they still failed!

So, back to R&D for us. We'll keep iterating the design of this part, until it can survive the nasty, real world.



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What is the timetable for upcoming updates? v1.44 or 1.5?

Will Decent ever change pumps to something quieter? With baby's in the house the machine seems quite loud


#1205: Post by HH »

MoBoTFB wrote:With baby's in the house the machine seems quite loud
I have two kids and the pumps have never bothered them, or woken anyone up in the morning. The Decent is much quieter than something like a Rancilio Silvia. The vibe pumps are not as soft as a rotary or gear-pumped machine, but are pretty inoffensive.

A grinder is going to be your biggest issue where tiny people are concerned!

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Decent Video Studio (beta 1)

My first day back at HK Decent Espresso was yesterday, and I got a load of staff to help arrange a "rough" idea of a studio. We got something quickly together, and today we'll be wiring up sound, light, 2 SLR cameras and the video mixing board.

One very helpful comment on Instagram suggested we create a separate "casual area" where we could sit, relaxed, and talk with you, and amongst each other. We're doing that, though the IKEA futon we have, is darned ugly, and we're searching local forums to pick up some used fancy couches, cheap.

I'm aiming to have our first Youtube Live event on Friday, which is very optimistic. But... if today's tests go well, we can do it. I'll announce the date & time for time, on thursday.

In the photos above,
- the top left one shows the main studio, with the DE1 coffee cart.
- the top right shows our casual hangout.
- and the bottom panoramic photo, never to be normally shown on video, is both sets.

Still to be done:
- curtains to hide the outdoor scaffolding
- carpets for the floor, walls and ceiling, as there's an echo we need to manage
- another camera
- test, iterate!


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Thanks for the feedback. I was basing the noise on YouTube videos I've seen and it seems quite loud compared to something like a Lelit Bianca or ECM. I'm debating to pull the trigger on the DE1XL but the noise was one concern holding me back. Also long term reliability is a concern

The grinder will actually be much quieter the lagom P64 hardly makes any noise.


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The DE1 is much more pleasant sounding in person than in video, it must be the frequency is especially in the audio capture range. Since the pumps rarely run at full power (there are two, a hot and cold, and each only runs fast enough to make the exact brewing temp), the sound is more of a gentle staccato than the screech of some other vibe pump machines. It's kinda soothing IMO


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I wouldn't call the noise offensive and does not bother my 1yo at all. It's definitely not louder than the Jura superauto next to it and about the same level as the humming Brewtus IV Rotary that it replaced.

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In less than 2 hours: "Dial in Decently" LIVE with Square Mile Coffee Beans

Our Youtube Live URL:
At 10am UK time, 5pm Hong Kong time, we'll be starting our first YouTube Live. We'll be dialing in two different Square Mile beans that we bought recently.

While we haven't solved all our technical problems (we don't have all our cameras working, and we can't use long HDMI cables yet), we do have enough working to do what I hope will be an accept video event.

After the event, it'll be available permanently on Youtube.