Custom Wood for your Espresso Machine

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Team HB

#1: Post by cannonfodder »

We all spend a lot of time selecting and obsessing over out espresso equipment. In the end little differentiates our kit from each other. Now you have the option to truly personalize your machine to reflect your personality. Add a wood portafilter handle or a complete set to truly personalize your machine.

Every handle is hand turned by me in my workshop to your specifications. Each handle is stabilized in Danish Oil under a vacuum to make the wood highly resilient and resistant to moisture. Then they get several coats of hand rubbed oil, the end product is akin to the finish of a fine musical instrument or heirloom furniture.

You would expect something hand crafted to these levels to carry a hefty price tag, but I do woodworking as a hobby, not a full time job. I enjoy the work and the satisfaction of turning a block of wood into a work or art. Most portafilter handles can be had for around $50 with variance depending on the wood selection. Matching controls and tamper handles can be had as well. Send me an email with inquires,

Dave Stephens

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da gino

#2: Post by da gino »

As someone who turned my own handles I can say that I love custom wooden handles and I think it makes a huge difference in the look and feel of the machine. Having said that either you are much faster than I am at this or you aren't charging enough even if you are just doing this for fun (and probably both are true).

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#3: Post by HB »

Oh my, talk about barista bling factor! This one is too good looking for words. :D

Dan Kehn

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#4: Post by SlowRain »

Very, very nicely done. I'm not really a big fan of the stainless-steel-and-black-hand-grips look. I think you're offering a great after-market service, and at a very reasonable price, too.

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cannonfodder (original poster)
Team HB

#5: Post by cannonfodder (original poster) »

HB wrote:Oh my, talk about barista bling factor! This one is too good looking for words. :D

That is a particularly nice hunk of bloodwood with a little sap wood intermixed to get that swirly pattern. You should see it in the sunlight, it gets an iridescent pearl orange/red glow.
Dave Stephens


#6: Post by GreatDane »

Here are two handles for an Elektra Mico Casa made by me in Desert Ironwood. They are finished with a catalyzed varnish that is much more durable than a Danish Oil finish. They can be washed and dried hundreds of times and still look like new. Below is a nice LM Portafilter in Mexican Cocobolo.

LMWDP #079

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cannonfodder (original poster)
Team HB

#7: Post by cannonfodder (original poster) »

I have had a few questions about available woods. I can get about anything so if you have a type in mind chances are I can get it. Or if you are looking for a particular color or trying to match something like a hardwood floor I can make some suggestions.

Turned these last night, a super dark kingwood and cocobolo, still finishing them.

Dave Stephens

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#8: Post by espressme »

Dave, You do nice work! Good luck and good business to you!
-Richard / espressme
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#9: Post by alancbrownmd »

Nice job on your handles. Take a look at my post from today in the espresso machines forum and add your photos so more users can see your work (Gallery of User Turned Wooden Handles).
After turning my simple cocobolo handle yesterday, it did seem like a lot of work but it was worth it. The bakelite handles don't hold a candle to the beautiful wood grain available in whatever wood one chooses.

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cannonfodder (original poster)
Team HB

#10: Post by cannonfodder (original poster) »

Been busy on the lathe. One set Cocobolo portafilter handles and control levers for an Elektra T1 that is Poland bound, and Bacote portafilter, tamper and controls for another T1. The Bacote will darken and get more depth in a few weeks as the wood oxidizes. It will loose some of that green tint.

The response has been quite surprising. I have nearly a dozen orders in the queue, figured Asian Satinwood, Purple heart, blood wood, several more Cocobolo, GS3 parts including a group cap, Mazzer hopper and doser covers, controls, tamper handles, and more portafilters to come. Should have another 7 finished this evening.

Dave Stephens