Crossland Coffee CC1 Upgrade Sale

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#1: Post by pantechnicon »

It's Back!
Pantechnicon Design is now distributing the Crossland Coffee CC1 v2.0, designed by Bill Crossland, formerly of La Marzocco International. This machine brings a lot of high tech innovation usually found at a much higher price point to a smaller and more affordable package.

If you're just getting started in your espresso journey the CC1 is a perfect entry level machine, with features that will help you achieve repeatable, delicious shots every time.

For the rest of December, Pantechnicon Design is adding an upgrade bundle with:
  • 58mm bottomless portafilter
  • 22g IMS precision basket
  • Cambium Tamper in your choice of Black Walnut, Eastern Hard Maple, or American White Oak.
  • PID controlled temperature
  • Programmable shot time
  • Programmable pre-infusion and wait time
  • Three programmable shot profiles
  • 500mL stainless steel boiler
  • Removable cup tray for easy clean up
  • Solenoid valve for backflushing
  • Swivel-mount steam wand
  • 58mm portafilter
all for $699.00 until December 31st!

And Pantechnicon is offering full warranty and parts support! Find out more at our website: ... and-coffee


#2: Post by Mark5902 »

Great news that someone is picking up parts and service for the Crossland CC1.

I have three of these machines and they last a long time and produce excellent shots.
Steaming is less good but serviceable. If your primary goal is black espresso as mine is, this machine is one of the best on the market.

To be honest I haven't done much market research in the past few years, but last I looked, the Crossland was the best machine for that purpose out there. (My use: 2-3 shots per day, steaming milk on weekends.)
It's got PID control, big boiler, commercial-size portafilter, group head connected to boiler to keep it warm even though not an E61, and solidly built. The one issue was availability of parts, and hopefully we now have that under control for a few years.