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Happy National Coffee Day!

This year we have a unique and rare treat. We have sourced a small allotment of Coffea Liberica. Liberica is a third species of coffee in addition to Arabica and Robusta. It is not a varietal like Geisha, Typica, Bourbon etc, but a separate species.

Liberica is a very rare coffee species originating in West Africa. It is the largest coffee tree in the world and can reach a height of 25 meters it has very large leaves, their size is up to 10 times the size of a leaf of the Arabica species. Since the trees are so large it is necessary to use ladders to harvest the coffee cherries.

This allotment is grown in Coffea Diversa's coffee garden in Costa Rica and it has been processed using the winey (fermented) method. It produces a cup that is very fragrant and quite lovely. It's definitely a unique experience and one that does not arise often as Liberica is very difficult to source.

We wanted as many of our customers as possible to be able to try this coffee so we packaged it in 150g bags as opposed to our usual 340g. We have about 110 bags available and once they are gone we won't have any more until (hopefully) next year.

To celebrate National Coffee Day we won't be selling our Liberica but giving it away. Place an order for $199 or more and we will add this special coffee to your delivery. The offer is valid only while supplies last.

There are more reasons to celebrate national coffee day with us. Orders over $99 but under $199 will receive a bag of Daterra Farms Full Bloom + You can save 10%* off many items in the store, simply enter the coupon code "COFFEEDAY" during checkout.

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