Ceado E37SD- Single Dose/ Super Low Retention is Available

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Postby WholeLatteLove » Apr 03, 2019, 9:57 pm

I have been a huge fan of the Ceado ever since fist I saw them and met the Ceado crew 10 years ago at the HOST show in Italy. I was amazed to find these high end grinders with our UL and NSF approval and their unique designs. I quickly decided that I needed to bring them across the pond. Over the years we have partnered with them on some nice upgrades and to introduce them into the USA.

The E37S has been my all time favorite grinder and now the new Quick Set Gear adjustment will be available in a few days and it will be even better.

But now another great addition to the Ceado line of grinders is available, its the E37SD. SD is for Single Dose. I have been using this about a month now and it's got me hooked. You can go from Espresso to drip grinder quickly and repeatably and very quickly and make super fine tuning adjustments.

Ceado does not call it a Zero retention grinder but I think they may want to rethink that. Please check out the video as Marcus takes you through it.


The build on this grinder is amazing.


Todd Salzman
Whole Latte Love