Caffeum Perfectus Minima PID Dual Boiler

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Postby 1st-line » Apr 10, 2019, 5:22 pm

Hi All,

Just a heads up if you are heading to SCA Boston. The Caffeum Perfectus Minima by ACS will makes it debut in the Espresso 4 Home booth #150. I will be right next door in booth 152. Big bald headed guy with the shiny head reflection! :)


Picture without the Caffeum Perfectus logo.

Caffeum Perfectus is Latin for Perfect Coffee. I have personally tested this machine in January 2019 when I went to Italy. I was delighted to see this compact dual boiler. Hence, the name Minima. Hmm. Another machine with a brew pressure gauge on the E61 group. I think I know where this is going! :D

We just have some of the specs up, but most of the details are missing on our web page. More info to come shortly after I get into booth 150 and drive this machine. The machines will be leaving Italy soon. You can sign up for our in stock notification on our web site. Thank you for your interest.
Jim Piccinich
1st-line Equipment, LLC