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#11: Post by macaber8 »

I am a beginner. Both my wife and I usually prefer Peruvian coffee. Median roast. I like milk based drink, wife like Americano.

Tried #20 3 times now: It is definitely sweeter than what I usually drink. Very obvious & interesting favor notes. Wife did not like it, the feedback was taste like Chinese coughing medicine. I sort of agree, but anything bitter and sweet could taste like Chinese coughing medicine.

I tried with aero press americano, a milk based drink, and a cold brew with Indian SS Coffee Filter. Making milk based drink with this coffee was a mistake. Cold brew was the best for me. It allows the sweetness to present itself more properly. Very smooth, no harshness at all. It does put a smile on my face. I am quite impressed. However, the flavor to beginner like myself is quite unusual. Not sure if I do this again.

The packaging container is very nice. Makes it a good gift.

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#12: Post by Auctor »

macaber8 wrote:Wife did not like it
Same here. Too pungent for her taste. I could see it - it's incredibly aromatic, and borders on overpowering. That said, it's completely different than most coffees I've tasted, and I continue to be amazed at how consistent the cup is from start to finish. Would love to understand why this coffee is able to hold up in the cup 5-10 minutes later.

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#13: Post by TomC »

Did anyone get anything besides pure acetone from the Best of Yemen #3? Its the last time I'll buy from this roaster. The entire lot should have been tossed out as grossly defective. Worth remembering if they plan to do this again in the future.
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#14: Post by Chert »

The decaf was good to the last dose espresso or americano but at 17 in 15-18 gm basket it pulled turbo every time. Intriguingly light for a decaf. The one I just drank in the finish morphed into cardamom. I really enjoyed that following the more sweet tart taste the shot.
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