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Our 40 foot container of Spaziale machines just arrived yesterday and we were able to unload, put away, post to inventory & update our website in less than 2 days!

You've seen the patterns lately, so if you're considering buying a machine it's best to act fast before more price increases go into effect... which they will... and soon. ... a-spaziale

The S11 Brio is the newest Spaziale machine we're offering, which is essentially the Vivaldi II on steroids (in a good way). Check it out! ... ek-1-group

Our Sales section of the website is looking really good this week too. Take a look at all the deals we have in there. A lot of the machines and grinders were either never used, and returned for a different make/model, or have been at our warehouse in the display room or cupping lab with minimal usage.
Chris Nachtrieb
Pres. Chris' Coffee Service, Inc.