The Amazing Ceado E37SQ W/Quick Set Gear

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#1: Post by WholeLatteLove »

The new Ceado E37S with "Quick Set Gear" is in stock and our in depth video is up. For these new E37S grinders, we have put a "Q" on the end of the SKU, so we call it the E37SQ. We added the "Q" for "Quick Set Gear" because it is more than just an upgrade. To me it's like a new grinder in feel, looks and it's ease of use to keep your shots dialed in as conditions change throughout the day.

Here is a quick but not all inclusive summery: It has 83 mm flat burrs, large brass and super accurate and smooth worm gear, well designed touch screen with three programmable shot sizes and lots more, you can remove upper burr plate in a minute to clean the burrs and put back on without having the dial in your shots, motor mounted on rubber mounts for very quiet operation, very low retention and NSF/ETL approved. ... r-in-black

If you have any questions please let me know!
Todd Salzman
Whole Latte Love


#2: Post by JayBeck »


Is there any reason why I couldn't fit the single dosing top on this grinder and have one that can do hopper and single dosing with the change of 3 screws?

I get the burr coating, control changes, and extra tools the SD version has. I don't need any of them for my set up so that's my interest in this version.