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Have you checked out MacKenzie & Taylor's new speciality line of coffee yet - 2710 Coffee Roasters?

Available in whole bean, 12 oz. bags. All freshly roasted here at CCS on our smallest roaster to ensure the careful attention each one deserves. 4 single origins available to choose from (Colombian will be ready this week). Ethiopian, Mexican, Kenyan and Colombian

Our Story
"We were quite literally born into the coffee industry, and have been consumers and lovers of coffee since we were ten. You could say that coffee runs through our veins, and we've developed a pretty exceptional palette over the last 12 years spent growing our family's business. We've come a long way-from roasting coffee in a small, hot warehouse, to now sharing an office in our brand new 64,000-square-foot facility in Latham, NY.

It took years of hard work, countless meetings (most of which could have been emails!), and extensive training for us to get to where we are now. We feel very confident in our brand, and we're thrilled to be sharing our experience and passion for coffee with the rest of the world. We hope you enjoy our product as much as we do."


Chris Nachtrieb
Pres. Chris' Coffee Service, Inc.

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Hi Chris, great to hear about the new line of coffee beans!
Will 2710 coffee be available on chriscoffee.com, or only from the linked webstore?

chriscoffee (original poster)

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Just available for purchase on https://2710coffee.com

Thank you!
Chris Nachtrieb
Pres. Chris' Coffee Service, Inc.


#4: Post by JackHK » replying to chriscoffee »

Looking very nice 8)

Just wonder why '2710' ?


#5: Post by mathof » replying to JackHK »

Click the link and scroll down to the heading "Deep roots in coffee" where all is revealed.


#6: Post by JackHK » replying to mathof »

Thank you so much, that's interesting 8)

I suspect there was a meaning with 2710, I just could not relate it anywhere :mrgreen: