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karl_a_hall wrote: Thanks ...
You're welcome.
karl_a_hall wrote: ... quite familiar with spring characteristics...
I'm glad.
My limits are the little I recall from physics classes.
Too long ago. Had to look up proper terms. 8^7
karl_a_hall wrote: ... not used to is not knowing initial conditions.
A spec that was probably never published.
Have you contacted Visacrem?
They may have some data, I doubt the springs were made especially for them.
karl_a_hall wrote: ... overall compressed length will be too long ...
That was what I wanted to say when I pointed out it would not fit.
You can most probably compress it to assemble the head but you may hit a physical limit when bringing down the lever.
I guess you'll have to try and see.
karl_a_hall wrote: ... what I get for buying a machine that ..-
You'd miss out on all the fun! 8^D

Check this page at DVG, it lists nine different springs in use in quite a few machine brands and models (with dimensions).

Maybe they have one with the same/similar dimensions as your original springs.

This page may also be of interest to you.
bidoowee wrote: This is a problem if you are me and want to make new groups, or, if you are not me, repair old ones. So I took the dive into spring design and started to think a bit more carefully about a part that I had presumed was going to be "off the shelf".


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karl_a_hall (original poster)

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Alright... first a post of stuff I've found that works...

Boiler to group gasket: ... asket-ptfe

Heater element gasket: ... -hole-ptfe

Spring: ... mm-version

Piston seals: ... n-v-gasket

Boiler to boiler cover gasket: make myself

Things I think work??

Portafilter Gasket: ... x-56-x-6mm

Group screen: ... ead-screen

Next... some progress pics... I received the frame and body panels I wanted powder coated back today... so I put some work into assembly.

A few things to note: I'll build a back panel out of walnut to match new custom handles, lever handles, and steam/boiler fill/hot water handles.

I'm debating about replacing the little end pieces with walnut too for a more cohesive look.

The group top linkages should be done at polish this week... can't wait to see how that tin coated brass polished up (hopefully tin removed).

Thanks everyone for following along.

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karl_a_hall (original poster)

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Just heard back from polisher... they have been blasted and he will polish them this week!

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karl_a_hall (original poster)

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While waiting on the polisher... I decided to solve the pop riveted mfg plate attachment. Pop rivets don't fit well after powder coating and given that the tops of the groups will be polished brass, I decided to be stupidly intensely particular about a super minor detail...

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Super detailed having the screw slots horizontal

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karl_a_hall (original poster)

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Well... I broke a bolt on the boiler cover and had to pull it off, easy-out it, and then order a new bolt. Made my own gasket too. Super easy.

Also, the polisher finally got to my parts! He just sent me a pic today. So excited to get them from him tomorrow!

I would highly suggest getting punches from McMaster Carr for making the holes. A few bucks and it's SO fast and easy.

Before and after

A few random pics of the assembly process...

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I am quite envious of your polishing equipment if you obtain that level of luster!

Great to hear the torn bolt was extracted without issue.
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