Wood accessories for Cafelat Robot

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One of the new things I saw at the SCA show was Orphan Espresso's new wooden accessories for the Robot. They consist of a new base, wooden hands, a wooden portafilter handle, tamping stand and accessory stand. The hands and portafilter handle attach quite securely with magnets, the quality seems quite high, and like most of what they do, designed to be used. If you're thinking about hands for the Robot, these are nicer to hold than the others, both larger and not cold. Sorry for the one not so good picture, while I love the idea of photography and lust after stupidly expensive camera systems, in 3 days at the show, I took only nine pictures.
Oh yes, they come in Walnut and Maple or Oak, Not really good at the reporting gig!

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Kudos to them. I bet they find a welcome market. The only thing that doesn't strike me as beautiful is the portafilter handle. Everything else is pretty cool. It wouldn't take much to tweak the portafilter handle to look more aesthetically appealing, but I can see it's tricky to design around the original shape and size.
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It's sure better than the stock handle and a lot easier to grab.

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These look gorgeous. I'm sold. Thanks for sharing! Did you see the oak set as well, which looked better do you think?

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I saw both, they both looked good, but it's wood, every piece is different. I'm sure if you ask OE will send you some pictures of what's currently in stock so you can see both. Might take a minute, but they'll respond.

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#6: Post by drgary »

I don't see those items listed on their site. Are those prototypes?

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