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JB90068 wrote:My understanding from people far more knowledgeable than myself is a very emphatic yes. They tend to be more full bodied and richer than what I make with my E61. This is the reason for wanting one.

The accessories aren't a worthy consideration any longer and can all be replaced easily.
I'm not particularly knowledgeable but I do own an e61 also, and i do like the coffee I make with it. Nevertheless i prefer the coffee from my izzo as well as my nurri now to it.
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Primacog wrote:I have found the ultimate no expense spared limited edition and special looks machine for your counter! :lol:

https://horecamarket.global/la-marzocco ... tion-12150

This is apparently the 90th anniversary LM LEVA X whereby only 90 were made for sale worldwide. The biggest drawback looks wise IMHO to the LEVA X was always the double stirrup handle which looked unsightly to me but in this 90th anniversary edition, they seem to have a nicer handle design. The LEVA X is doubtlessly the most 21st century looking lever ever made so this has the capacity to elevate the looks of your kitchen like no other machine...with the LRVA X, you could press ut against the wall as the back of the machine isnt anything special to look at and all the looks are in the front and the sides...the price is not shown but its definitely going be very pricey which is probably its only drawback along with the 3 grouphead configuration which may make it compulsory for you to organise a lot more social gatherings at home ...
LM makes a one group LEVA X. It's impressive looking and very expensive. Greg Scace has one, and I've tried the commercial one at La Marzocco. It is a beautiful machine and very capable but also very high tech and is installed by a La Marzocco technician. But we are on a bit of a wild goose chase.

Jock has a beautiful space in Portland, and I'm sure he'll end up with something that suits his needs. Jock, from earlier in the thread, I see that plumbing in would be problematic. Others have raised the issue of having a large commercial machine for home use, and those need to be plumbed anyway. You also say that you want thick, rich espresso. Long ago I had a single boiler dual use machine with an e61 group that made rich shots. You don't need something exotic for that. In a spring lever, you want a strong spring. It'll be interesting to see what you eventually choose.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!


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Drgary, I agree the leva x is a very complex piece of gear not to mention being very pricey too. I was just mentioning the 90th anniversary version because jock is looking for a "designer" look to the machine he will buy and the 90th anniversary leva x certainly fits the bill from that perspective ...
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JB90068 wrote:Baz and Alf - thank you for your ideas. All worthy and I appreciate the help. To offer some visual clarity I don't feel that I'm completely locked into the corner. If it is large like the KVDW, it could sit in front of the window to the left. Sure it will impact the exterior view but I'm fine with that. While I would really like to put the machine on the lower level of the bar, in order to plumb it in, I would have cut into the cement floor to bury the water and drain lines. That would be too much hassle.
What a views!
Endless possibilities with those counters.
Here's mine.

Fog over a plowed potatofield. :mrgreen:


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I don't have any windows in my kitchen so no specific kitchen views at all LOL
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if you have the money the idro lever from kfdw would be stunnung


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I was going to guess Maupin with all of the desert in sight and an unobstructed view of Mt. Hood.