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There is no taste difference between 54 and 58.
Beans differ in taste.Then you have of course the type of roast .From dark to light and everything in between.
In a machine I rate temperature as the main facor that makes a difference in tbe cup followed by spring pressure.
A machine is a machine.All of the ones I' ve had were capable if making great espresso.
But my 54 mm Pompy made incredible sirupy shots.Always looked like honey.But that doesn' t mean they tasted better than my current 58 mm lever.
A 58 can make those too though.
If you are planning on doing your own maintenace get a LSM group equipped machine.That thing is a joy to work on.

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JB90068 wrote:Here is the current setup...
That's quite a view from up there.At what floor are you located?


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Must be the temperature stability of the Evo then..

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.When I bought my Pompei I did some measurements pulling shot after shot.Stable as a rock.Which of course is what you would expect as it is a true commercial machine.


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What's a brill?


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I have had a 58mm modern lever machine (Londinium) and now own a 58mm Faema Lambro. Both are different. In my experience the Lambro group is much more forgiving and produces tastier shots.
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:) Great machine indeed.

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There is another difference between the LSM and Condor lever groups that changes what the hybrid lever machines can do. The LSM group water inlets are below the bottom of piston all the time whereas the Condor inlets are only open when the piston is fully raised. This means that the LSM group can facilitate different preinfusion pressure and end of shot pressure release.
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Again I would not jump to such easy conclusions as you are drinking mostly darker-more developed beans that are not as sensitive to extraction parameters.

I found a huge difference between 58 and 54mm shots. On dalla corte mina (conversion kit from 54mm to 58mm) and both 54mm evo and others 58mm machines.

Plus there is a major difference in grind size and taste when you come from a flair classic with 45mm to a flair 58mm, or when you come from a 41mm basket to a 51mm basket. Again, for dark roasts because those have a potent high body, thick, you might not see the differences there, but on a filter roast the differences are night and day.

The LSM group in the ACS or Nurri machines is not the same as the old LSM group, not only the water path is different but the gaskets are different too, with less gaskets in the modern group.