Which bottomless portafilter for 49mm La Pavoni Europiccola w/ IMS basket?

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I'd like a bottomless 49mm portafilter for my pre-millennium Europiccola that is compatible with the IMS competition basket. The one from Stefano's Espresso Care has note is on the product page:

While not guaranteed, some customers have confirmed they can successfully use the IMS B582TH29E 29mm basket with the portafilter on a Pre-Millennium Lever Pavoni.
https://www.espressocare.com/products/i ... r-machine1

Then there's the Cafelat bottomless portafilter:
https://www.cafelatstore.com/products/l ... ortafilter

Does anybody know if either portafilter is compatible with the IMS competition basket?


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I use the Creativewerks 49mm portafilter with an IMS basket, but I don't think it is the one you mentioned. It is a CNCed portafilter, so there is no taper to get in the way of a deeper basket.

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Thank you! I should have searched first.

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Stefano here
I suppose we should had update that statement
they do fit and we sold many since the statement,
the initial concern was the rim of the basket itself,
when we start bringing them in,
thanks for starting this post and me noticing it
Stefano Cremonesi
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Thank you Stefano for confirmation!

Is the portafilter available with the IMS basket instead of the one it comes with (which I would probably never use)?


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I use the cafelat portafilter with an ims basket. Works perfectly. Great portafilter too. Very nicely made. Matches perfectly.