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BildoMcBaggins wrote:Absolutely. Link is direct to manufacturer since I don't want to promote any websites in case that is against rules.

The kettle is the Bonavita .5L Travel Kettle. The kettle holds enough to pull a shot and make it into an Americano. It's perfect.
https://bonavitaworld.com/products/5l-d ... vel-kettle

The silicone funnel are these dimensions and can be easily found at the worlds largest online retailer. It was a pack of 3 sizes. One of the other sizes fits the Bonavita 1L kettle perfectly as well.
Thank you!


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Hey Cezve/Ibrik is a genius suggestion! I have not thought of that before. A lot faster than heating the coffee kettles! Let me try that!

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#13: Post by happycat »

turn on electric range
put cylinder on top of range element

Simple, dry, fast.
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Yikes! Putting it on the heating element sounds like a recipe for accidental disaster. I just put mine in the kettle itself as I'm heating water and use some long silicone-tipped tongs to grab it out.

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#15: Post by happycat » replying to megamixman »

There's no way to have a disaster with putting a metal cylinder squarely end down on a flat range element. It is safe, simple and efficient. No boiling water, no tongs. Just pick it up around the sleeve.
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You're not worried about the o-rings or sleeve? I have melted the silicone on my tongs accidentally over the heating element on my electric range. I'd expect the sleeve is the same material. I have also had ... accidents ... with heat/fire, hence why the safety of limiting the temperature to boiling water is important to me.


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You need boiling water (or near) for the coffee anyway. And with steam preheat you don't need tongs either unless you preheat the cylinder longer than needed

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Hi there,

I"m asking myself : when too hot is too hot with the Flair (classic) ? I explain : I'm struggling to have a good cup since I started preheating the cylinder with steam. Today I tried "good old fill in with boiling water 1 time" the cylinder and get a better result for my taste. (13g Medium roast, fine enough for roughly 45s extraction)

Should it be possible that the narrow diameter and long extraction time of the Flair would requier alower brew temperature ? Anyone there is experiencing the same ?