What year is this La Pavoni Europiccola?

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Hi All,

Came across a Europiccola with (2) red rocker switches instead of the red with white (I and II) and the red with green switches. Any ideas as to when these might have been made. I did see on the heater element a date of 3/98 but I'm suspecting that this switch arrangement might be a "jury-rig" job.

Share your thoughts! 8)



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That looks like a fire risk.

Here is a year 2000 model pre-millennium.


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go to the website of francesco ceccarelli, he has very detailed lists for models of all kinds of brands..


looks like a steel base to me, and double switch, so... late seventies?

With blue, brown and green-yellow cable, this must be an european 220v Model... the ground wire is not attached, and i see exposed copper on the white wires... better to redo the whole wiring before using it (luckily, on old pavonis, the wiring is less complicated than the shoelace pattern on your left shoe...)

Heating element fixed with three screws, this would mean 1978 and younger... but the 1978 had a brass heating element base, so this might be a replacement, for voltage reasons maybe?
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evw2270 (original poster)

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Thanks all for the replies!

I did in fact replace the wiring as well as the heater element on this machine (rewired for 120 vice 220). Looked like the original owner was making do with whatever resources were available. Looks much better (and SAFER) now!