What are you using to hold your LeverCraft Ultra WDT tool

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I'm interested in what people are using to hold their LeverCraft Ultra WDT tool in their work area or attached to their grinder?
Please let me know what you are using and if possible, provide a link to where I could purchase the holder?

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#2: Post by harris »

Cup full of rice works well and keeps it clean.

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I just leave mine on its side. It fits in the hollow handle of the Robot tamper, but you have to squeeze the needles in to make that happen and I was worried that might eventually break them so stopped doing that.

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I keep mine in a mini glass beaker

I do like the rice suggestion! I think I'll add a handful to the beaker right now ;)
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I keep mine in a Rhino espresso shot glass.
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While I don't own the Levercraft my WDT tool was obviously inspired by it.
It sits thus:

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Found the link here on HB - 3D printed stand for Levercraft WDT Tool

I had to find a local guy who has a 3D printer.

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I use to store my LeverCraft WDT tool in a Fellow 3 oz. Monty demitasse cup filled with coffee beans (the rejected ones).
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I was just laying it on it's side but then I noticed the needles didn't have even spread so I now keep it in rice in a little ceramic cup I bought for espresso that turned out to be basically useless due to the tiny size, lack of handle and small opening on the top. Looks nice though. This saved it from a life at the back of the cup cupboard.