Various WDT tools for the Cafelat Robot (3D printed)

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Hi all,

This all started with wanting to get my young kids more involved with the morning coffee routine so I designed this Spinning WDT for the Cafelat Robot and things ballooned from there.

Please find below various WDT tool images and STLs I've designed and experimented with for the Cafelat Robot.

All of them use 0.35mm acupuncture needles which were 105mm long (30mm coiled handle, 75mm needle) which were cut down to various lengths (as I had bought a large packet)

Spinning WDT tool
I initially uploaded the culled down version which had needles at varying radii after testing, but I've also just added my original model which has way more holes so you good folks can have more scope to experiment with if you please.

They're a bit dirty but you get the idea. I really should put some rice in the stand..

Planetary Gear WDT tool
This was a bit of fun to see if I could somewhat emulate the small circular motion of a typical handheld WDT tool.
Overall it does work, but probably not as well as the simple spinning tool above.
But it does look cooler seeing the gears move

Splaying handle WDT tool
I made this as part of another tamper project and enjoy the "twist to splay" action.

Kind regards,

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Whether or not the planetary gear version is useful, it is extremely cool! Nice work!

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Agreed. That planetary gear version is way cool.
Perhaps you could convince Rohloff to get into the WDT game :D