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timo888 wrote:You are taking the same PF and basket and moving it from one machine to the other? Is one machine running hotter?

Yes, the same pf and basket are being used on both machines. It's a tighter fit on the '86.

Don't know if there is a temp difference between machines. Is there a way to tell without a major investment in a thermocouple?
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I agree with Javier. Give us newbies a break and shoot some footage. I think either the Factory or the Euro, would do. They can't possibly be so different to use. What would be nice is to see another person's technique to judge where I am at.

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Thanks for providing the movie. Very enjoyable and illuminating. My technique is exactly the same as yours - only different. IOW the same attention to detail in all the steps even though there are differences in some of the specific steps and details. Not one way to pull a shot, but a conscientious working out of the details your own way to get the best shot possible.

Re the force of the pull. it's not about the way that it looks, but the way that it feels! No movie could do that justice - unless you could capture the actual pressure of the pull visually. I agree that most of the effort goes into the keeping the pressure constant. I too get humorous comments about the look of the effort involved.

One difference I noted. My lever is a lot harder to pull up than yours. Machine differences? Piston or other part wear? Lack of lubrication?

ladalet wrote::) HONEST, I was not pulling very hard. The amount of resistance in the lever was such that I could have pulled the lever down with 2 fingers (ok, maybe 3 fingers). I really was just working to have a very controlled pull with consistent pressure from beginning to end. From the middle of the pull to the end the tendency is to lose pressure because of the decreasing angle leading to loss of mechanical advantage. Please, don't let my video scare you away from this machine. That would be the opposite of why I made the video. It is a dream to use. In fact, if really did have to pull hard, I could not use it. I have a badly damaged right shoulder from an accident. It is held together by 5 anchors and wire. Any real stress or exertion to my shoulder causes a great amount of pain for quite a while. Pulling shots on my Cremina causes me no discomfort. Please trust me on this. :lol:

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I'd like to see a video of your Gaggia Factory in action. I also have one and could use a little instruction. Thanks.
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Ok, I will begin practicing on my Europiccola so I don't look like a clumsy oaf when I do the video. There are a few little differences that upset what has become automatic pilot on my cremina--like the portafilter pointing the other way when locked in. The basic operation is identical, but the feel is very different.

Unles there are any objections, I think I will use my Solis Maestro Plus just to demonstrate what a great little grinder it is.

BTW the Cremina portafilter appears to fit the Europiccola but not the other way around. I had just assumed that since the Europiccola portifilter did not fit my Cremina that it would not work the other way. It will be interesting to see the results of the Europiccola with an Elektra basket.

For those for whom it makes a difference I may do the Factory just for fun.

Best wishes all,

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A big thanks from your friends in China! :)

It's great to see the whole process! I don't have the guts to make a video like that ;)


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I just want to identify an error I made in this video. I should have left the portafilter in the group until I was ready to dose. You really want to minimize the amount of time the portafilter is out of the group. Laying it on the tray, as I did in the video, allows it to cool unnecessarily .
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i've been very frustrated at youtube, spending a few hours trying to find any good video's, nothing good!
but this one is excellent! by great distance the best i've seen.
thank you, lance.

i have one question, though. about the mini strokes. they build up resistance, you say. but to what effect is this?
i am currently struggling with a pavoni eurobar, that i got (broken) and had repaired (three day ago).
my espresso is still a bit thin, i've learned how to control bitterness and sourness a bit, getting a sweeter shot is more difficult for me, and getting the texture right is also a big problem that i do not have found a solution for at all.