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#981: Post by truemagellen »

jzLoveCoffee wrote:Thanks for the info! So is all water-contacted surface stainless steel? Or is the brass also in contact with water somewhere?
Thanks again!!
On ct2 it is all stainless lined

Older models such as es3 have brass and or copper.


#982: Post by erik82 »

How many of you have gotten the IMS mesh filter basket? I'm still using mine 90% of the time as it's such a great flterbasket. Just wanted to check what your experiences are.

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#983: Post by truemagellen replying to erik82 »

It is really nice yea. Something about it brings additional life to the coffee even when pulled at lower pressure

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#984: Post by buddman »

I am really enjoying my IMS mesh filter basket. I find that I am able to get more grounds into that basket vs the 14 gram non mesh basket. Upside is noticeable better extraction, so I have been using it for all of my shots. The downside is that it adds a little more work to my prep since in order to make another shot, I find I have to rinse the mesh filter basket and then brush the basket with a stiff shower screen brush to get the remnants of grounds out of the basket before drying it. Not a big deal, but I may have to buy another mesh basket.
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#985: Post by Starspawn2318 »

49mm billet basket is available from Sworks. Super excited to try this.


#986: Post by erik82 »

Let us know how it compares to the new mesh filterbasket. Been holding out on the sworks as it's so expensive.


#987: Post by dak »

Starspawn2318 wrote:49mm billet basket is available from Sworks. Super excited to try this.
FYI, one version of this basket I tried was not compatible with the CT2. It wouldn't allow the portafilter to lock in. Not sure if Sheldon has modified it since that version but it may be worth checking before purchasing if you're intending to use it with the ct2.


#988: Post by erik82 »

Is there someone who has the Billet Basket and wants to share experiences? I'm in doubt of ordering one but the massive price holds me off a bit as I don't expect it to give a big improvement over the Mesh filterbasket but I hope I'm wrong with that. Reading about results from the Weber Unibasket it's all in the small little improvements.

I'm especially interested in the normal flow 14-16gr version and how much finer you need to grind. With SSP burrs on my EG1 and the Mesh filterbasket I'm already grinding pretty close to what's possible.