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#971: Post by naked-portafilter »

"stirrup" handle in action


#972: Post by Amberale »

[quote="naked-portafilter"]"stirrup" handle in action
Will you make them again if there is enough interest Gabor?


#973: Post by Starspawn2318 »

I would buy a stir-up if it were available. As much as I like the CT2, I actually don't really enjoy the pull for me to get to 6 bars. It just feels un-natural.

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#974: Post by naked-portafilter »

We made a mini-batch of 4-5 handles for the CT1 4 years ago. I still have a few. I haven't placed them in the shop at all. We made that only because of SEP. I didn't think that there would be a demand for this kind of handle.


#975: Post by Amberale »

Ok, I'll contact you.
I want one bad.


#976: Post by markpermann »

Thanks for everyone's perspectives and expansions on the questions I raised. I will be joining y'all with a CT2 in September!


#977: Post by donn »

CT2 arrived Monday.

I'm in Portugal, where everyone drinks espresso, and as typical for everything here, it's of usually reasonably good quality but worrying about it is for foreigners like myself.

I have a Hario hand grinder, and after tightening it up, I was able to get a decent pour from grocery store coffee.

As of yesterday I have a Eureka Perfetto electric grinder, and it can't grind fine enough, set all the way to the top ("turkish.") I got some boutique roasted coffee along with the grinder, and that didn't come out much better. I mean, fine as it can go and overpacking the basket, I can start to get something, but obviously I don't have much room to go up from there.

The machine came with four filter baskets, which to my eye look like duplicates of two sizes, one a little deeper than the other. I've been using the shallower of them, and I suppose the deeper one will come off a little better, but there isn't a huge difference there. Am I missing some other difference with the baskets - did I unwittingly pick a basket that requires coffee ground to powder?

I can inquire with the shop if the grinder might need some calibration or something, but the hand grinder output I needed really was super fine, somewhat on the margin of what I'd think grinders can be expected to do.


#978: Post by markpermann »

Others will surely advise better as I'm not yet an owner, but I did read all of the prior pages so, from that I remember reading that the shorter 15g basket is easier to dial in.

As for coffee, I'm personally planning to start out with more medium roasted coffees that are easier to dial in / available year round / I know well. Which will mean abandoning lighter roasted coffees I'm more willing to be frustrated with on equipment I've used for years.

What are your pours looking like? I would think the Perfetto is completely sufficient.


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markpermann wrote:What are your pours looking like?
Somewhere between splatter and gush.


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Thanks for the info! So is all water-contacted surface stainless steel? Or is the brass also in contact with water somewhere?
Thanks again!!