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I'm around your height and have my CT2 on a higher than average countertop and it's never been an issue. You'll be fine!


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I have a DE and a strietman and find myself using my ct2 much more.


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You'll have absolutely no problem in pulling 9-11 bar. I'm much taller at 6'7" which makes it harder to pull as you're working at a very low angle. The key is to be smarter.

What I do is pull with both hands and dip one knee putting it on the ground like you're proposing to your wife. That way I purely use bodyweight (or a little upper back muscle strength) and not pure muscle strength to pull the lever and can also look at the naked extraction and keep an eye on the manometer as everything is in 1 straight line up. That way it's really easy to pull 9 bar but you do need two hands also for stablity.

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markpermann wrote:So: I've read through all 96 pages of this topic.
You definitely deserve some sort of reward for this :mrgreen:

There isn't much to be said at this point but I'll reiterate one point that having many levers has been important to me...overall quiet or even silence of the operation. In particular the Strietman when I think of it the only sound i think of is the dripping of the shot into the cup...sure there are other subtle noises but that is the main sound I think of when reminiscing about using the machine.

Second part is how much pressure is really needed on a 49mm basket is different from a 58mm. You will find sweet spot is 6 to 8 bars which is far easier to achieve than a la Pavoni. In comparison to my Elektra 6.5 bars I'd say is on lower end of acceptable range for my style of coffees while my strietman is probably pulling at 8bar.

The arm is so long compared to similar sized levers and only 49mm basket, it is by far the easiest lever to pull that I use. For comparison izzo Alex Leva which is spring my wife has to use her body weight to compared the spring and I think I have stronger arms and shoulder now from using it :lol:


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truemagellen wrote:You definitely deserve some sort of reward for this :mrgreen:
Oh, trust me, I have, which is: learning from all of you who went before me.

Thanks for the quick and direct responses. I will repeat here also Wouter's own, which was:
You can use both hands, pressing at 6 to 8 bars is easily done, would not worry about it.
The lever is positioned in an angle, so this lets you use your bodyweight during the press more easily, also when you are 170cm.
I'm 99% there - just asked him to measure for me where the handle elbow at max height lands on the machine's X axis, imagining that as the bottom depth of 37 cm. So I can assess potential cabinet interference. I might get it anyway if it can't go in front of my cabinets, but will feel more confident if it can.

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1. As already mentioned you won't need 9 bar pressure for a great espresso
2. But if you insist... it doesn't need superhuman power to achieve 9 bar pressure with one hand but surely more comfortable/controlled if you do it with both hands (see video).


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Dang Gabor. Made a video and measured the table height - how could I not join such a group of folks? Thank you.


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Yeah the angle and construction of the handle makes it very easy to apply pressure through the whole stroke without it ever being uncomfortable


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Damn, I love that "stirrup" handle on the CT1 in the background!

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Your height might even be an advantage. I feel like pulling from below is less effort than pushing from above. Restating for clarity: pulling the lever with my fingers on top and palm below is less effort than pushing with the heel of my hand on top and fingers below.

Generally I don't use much force unless I am pulling a ristretto and in that case since I am 6' I just bend my knees to get lower and pull down for the first half of the shot. The rest of the time I can just press down and hit what I imagine is 6-7 bars without much effort.

I hope that helps.
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