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Looks like someone bought it after my post because it is now out of stock. Please report back if the buyer happen to be on HB haha.


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To all the strietman ct2 owners. I just bought gabors pressure gauge piston. How do I push this piece of metal out. Gabor in his instructional video pushed it out with ease. I reached to him since it looks like it's glued to it. He suggests to use a descaler solution and push it out. But that didn't work either. If anyone can help out please. Thanks!


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Does it push out from the other side?


#744: Post by jley08 »

It doesn't. I tried pushing from both sides


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Bugger, have you the link to Gabor's video?
I would be careful about whether the pin comes out on one side only.
I would use a vice with a large nut on one side(hole bigger than the pin) and a bolt slightly smaller than the pin on the other side.
You will probably need a second set of hands to hold it steady.
I'd actually use a press but more folks have a vice than a press.

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double post
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I don't know this machine (had the first ES1 in the US) or what the kit is, but I'm just here to tell you to use a wooden dowel instead of a metal bolt to hit the hammer with. Any hardware store sells dowels you can cut down to size, or use one of those ikea pegs you probably have in a drawer somewhere. The wood would hopefully not harm the brass, but be strong enough to knock it out. Also, place the cylinder on some wood as well, not against any metal.
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Actually, how did you get that out of the piston?
I thought that the ends of that shaft moved up and down in the slots on the sides of the main piston.
Whoops, actually checked my CT1 and see it is the C-clip that holds that part in.
Is it stuck on the stainless shaft or the brass piston inner?

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Try sticking it in the freezer for an hour and then try again
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I pre-ordered the adaptor from ... p496362088 a couple of weeks ago.

He has a few pre-orders (including mine) and needs ten in total before he gets them made.

Just saying....
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