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#621: Post by jley08 »

I pair my CT2 with an EK43.

But have borrowed a Flat Max, and a Titus Nautilus.

I think a silver Lagom P100 would look great with it.


#622: Post by Zybane »

tompoland wrote:I have the CT2 paired with a Malwani Livi

Tom, thanks. I'm about to order the Lavi. How do you like it?

Also, what's your guys work flow like with the Strietman? Needle/Wedge/Tamp, all of the above? :lol:


#623: Post by tompoland »

Just posted this:

Malwani Livi

Re workflow, I certainly always RDT and WDT regardless of the grinder.
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#624: Post by erik82 »

I only do RDT when the burrs aren't seasoned yet. After seasoning I've never found it to be necessary anymore as it gave no noticable difference anymore. I had this with my last 4 grinders but that also depends on the climate where you live in.


#625: Post by Amberale »

I have a P64.
I used RDT which seems to help the mess.
I use WDT for my 58mm pump machine but just don't see any point or efficient way to do it with my CT1.

The basket is so small I feel that I am just fiddling with it.


#626: Post by Corgo »

Just out of curious out, has any owner put sliding feet or sliding mat under the ct2 to make it easier to move in and out from under cabinet for use? If so, how well does it work? Is it still stable and does it move when pulling a shot? Thanks. Trying very hard to justify making this purchase!


#627: Post by John49 » replying to Corgo »

Sliding in and out does not require any special feet.


#628: Post by Corgo » replying to John49 »

What does the ct2 rest on, as in what makes contact with the counter/table? Thanks!


#629: Post by John49 » replying to Corgo »

The machine rests on 4 rubber pads and is light enough to be easily moved.


#630: Post by Corgo » replying to John49 »

Do you mean by sliding or by picking it up? Thanks for the clarification!