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#551: Post by jz_coffee »

Anybody try these cups out? They look like a current replacement for the the Inker Ischa with the same 41mm height. Not as thick walled though unfortunately. ... 10754#desc


#552: Post by YornGauge15 »

Does anyone know if the Kruve Propel glasses fit in the CT2?


#553: Post by John49 » replying to YornGauge15 »

No, but the Bodum Pavina do.


#554: Post by YornGauge15 »

Ah okay thanks John will check them out


#555: Post by John49 » replying to YornGauge15 »

You can also watch the the reflection of the shower screen in the mirrored finish of the drip tray cover at the start and see every drop that falls into the cup.


#556: Post by Newfie »

Newfie wrote:Hello,

I've been looking more and more into the CT2. I love the look of it, the little maintenance it seems to require and I have only ever read good things about the taste it cup. I'm in Canada so I'm usually looking at paying a premium for nice machines here. I was wondering if there are any other Canadian customers here that could tell me what I might be looking at in terms of duties/taxes. Trying not to be surprised if I get a crazy high delivery fee.

For any other Canadians interested in this, I had to pay an extra $423 to get this shipped to me. GST was only $137 but I got dinged by "Other Government Fees" for $273. (I think it's the PST)

Pretty close to what I was expecting so not too surprised. Looking forward to getting my hands on the machine soon!