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Yes, but the piston itself is still brass. I'm not concerned about the walls, but the piston.
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You can measure your lead blood levels, if you want to be as safe as possible.

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wojtowip wrote:Yes, but the piston itself is still brass. I'm not concerned about the walls, but the piston.
Brass used in modern espresso machines is lead free brass. Brass fittings used in modern plumbing is lead free.

We machine with lead free brass all the time. Also called Naval Brass.


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Thanks for the info. I'm not a materials expert, so good to know it's not an issue.
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Drain the CT2 between uses or leave water in?

Word back from Wouter was that it doesn't matter. My main concern was that it might dry out the piston seals if you left the machine dry for any length of time, but, according to Wouter, it is not something to worry about.




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Thanks Paul. I have to admit that I love pulling shots on the CT2 and keep coming for more! You have to love this little thing!
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jpaulm wrote:I just received one, and I'm not sure about it at all. I too thought it would be a cheaper lunar alternative. Main problem so far is changing between weighing modes.

There are three different modes - pour-over timing, espresso timing, and regular. It takes 5 quick presses of one of the buttons to change modes. It's not easy to distinguish what mode you are in (except for espresso, which has an "esp" indication for a couple of seconds, then goes away. The other two are distinguished by the @ sign being on or off.) To make matters worse, the same button you press 5X to change modes has other functions as well. 1 quick press turns on or pauses timing. 1 long press of the same button turns on/off sound. So your pressing of the same button may be doing different things. I'm finding it quite frustrating.

The espresso mode works like this: You set your cup and it automatically tares. Then when it senses drops in the cup it starts timing. At the end of the shot it will flash the final time and weight - but only once, for a very short second. It's easy to miss it.

I've tried using the scale in regular mode to weigh the beans, then switching to espresso mode to pull the shot. But that single button thing is an impediment.

Maybe I'll get used to it. But as I say, I'm not at all sure.
Thank you for the very detailed reply! Is it possible to use it in just the regular mode and not switch between everything? I don't mind manually starting the timer, I just want a small, quick, and accurate scale that fits on the ct2 drip tray.


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I have an acaia pyxis which I use rarely tbh. I just use the timer on my iphone and press it when I start the extraction. I think it's helpful but eyeing the volume in the cup is easier. I suggest that you weigh your cup first, tare the scale then weigh it again after the extraction. The simplicity with this machine still amazes me everyday.
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The CT2 has arrived and it is quite the machine. A piece of art that's also incredibly well engineered. It's such a special machine that when I think of it being designed and created and put together by one guy, I feel genuinely privileged to have it on my coffee island.

I have a question though: does any use a bplus type device or filter papers and if so, can you point me in the direction of where I might order something to keep the shower screen clean? Thanks.

(I am in Australia but I'm happy to order and ship from anywhere)
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Tom, I use a Bplus screen with the DE1, thought about it for the Strietman, but I just pop out the screen at the end of the day and clean it.