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I took the smaller basket out of the drawer and started using it a week ago and it's been amazing! I like it more than the bigger basket and I'm enjoying tighter 1:1 to longer 1:2.5 shots with it ( I love longer shots tbh - more liquid gold to enjoy :mrgreen: ). I also rest the beans for 3-4 weeks without opening the bags then I vacuum seal them for 2-5 months and they've been tasty. I'm enjoying a washed Peruvian roasted in 16 Aug 2021.

One thing I noticed was the doughnut extractions! I suspect it's from the dosing ring which goes in the basket so I ordered the blind tumbler from WW and will see what happens. Will the distributor solve it? Gilberto is still working on my custom order 49.85mm (he ordered a lot from the factory and there should be plenty if you want one).

Curious to hear other owners' thoughts on smaller baskets / doughnut extractions.
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Just got mine yesterday and, as you can see, now has pride of place on my coffee cupboard. It took me 3 goes to dial in a great cup (for some reason I convinced myself it would need a slightly coarser grind than a standard machine - and it didn't).

I had a 49.8mm tamper custom made ahead of time and it fits perfectly (you can just about see it in the photo on the left - brass bottom and wooden handle) so I use the stock tamper almost as a distribution tool before using the larger one for a good, heavy tamp.

There's something about the satisfaction you get from the hands-on nature of a manual lever arm that you just don't get from a more automated machine.

I'm really looking forward to exploring its potential and thanks to everyone on this thread for all the useful information and perspectives that made buying this machine less of a jump in the dark.




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Hey Paul. Quite an arsenal you got there man and congrats on the CT2.
For cleaner shower screen I use the Cafelat Robot's paper filters 58mm which I tuck in with the supplied wooden tamper by Wouter. It helps a lot with keeping the shower head clean. Levers are amazing and I'm looking forward to getting my ACS spring lever in Jan/Feb 22.
How's the Lab Sweet 807 for both espressos and pour overs? Have you tried the blue bottle dripper with their paper filters yet? I don't want to hijack the thread so you can DM me anytime. Enjoy your CT2.
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Also interested in how the Lab Sweet pairs with the CT2 and how you like it compared to the other grinders you have.


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Hi Dustin,

I'll report back when I've had a proper chance to investigate the various pairings of CT2 and grinders. I'd bought the Ditting mostly for pour overs but I tried it out for Turkish grind and it can produce a very fine powder indeed, so I really don't see any problem using it for espresso. More to come ... (feel free to give me a nudge if I take forever)



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Anybody else looking at the Timemore black mirror nano to pair with their strietman? I'd have to find some shorter cups but it looks like a nice alternative to a lunar. I have the full size black mirror and have been very happy with it. Only thing giving me pause is that it's 2cm tall compared to the lunar's 1.5cm.

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I just received one, and I'm not sure about it at all. I too thought it would be a cheaper lunar alternative. Main problem so far is changing between weighing modes.

There are three different modes - pour-over timing, espresso timing, and regular. It takes 5 quick presses of one of the buttons to change modes. It's not easy to distinguish what mode you are in (except for espresso, which has an "esp" indication for a couple of seconds, then goes away. The other two are distinguished by the @ sign being on or off.) To make matters worse, the same button you press 5X to change modes has other functions as well. 1 quick press turns on or pauses timing. 1 long press of the same button turns on/off sound. So your pressing of the same button may be doing different things. I'm finding it quite frustrating.

The espresso mode works like this: You set your cup and it automatically tares. Then when it senses drops in the cup it starts timing. At the end of the shot it will flash the final time and weight - but only once, for a very short second. It's easy to miss it.

I've tried using the scale in regular mode to weigh the beans, then switching to espresso mode to pull the shot. But that single button thing is an impediment.

Maybe I'll get used to it. But as I say, I'm not at all sure.


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Does anyone know if ...

It matters or not whether you leave water in the CT2 when it is turned off and cold? Or is it better to drain it when it is idle?



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After a session I drain the rest of the water left in it and then add fresh water for the next day. I prefer that over letting seals/gaskets dry. Also I am afraid I might just turn it on and come back to it 10 minutes later like I do now. Without water in it I can only imaging the possible issues.

Also I went to softened and filtered water after just using filtered water. The filtered water created the build up of white stuff on the inside of the machine. Now there is not a build up at all.

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SLC wrote: Also I am afraid I might just turn it on and come back to it 10 minutes later like I do now. Without water in it I can only imaging the possible issues. .
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